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Activist: Dozens still jailed in China over 1989 protests

March 29, 2008

HONG KONG – A human rights activist says at least 60 people are still jailed in China for protests by pro-democracy demonstrators in 1989 at Beijing‘s Tiananmen Square. John Kamm said in a speech in Hong Kong today that between 60 and 100 such protesters remain jailed and he urged China to release them before the Beijing Olympics.

Kamm also says he’s concerned that China has released fewer names of political prisoners since 1989.

Kamm is executive director of the San Francisco-based Dui Hua Foundation, a group that advocates for political prisoners and researches Chinese prisons.

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Bribes A Fact of Life in Cambodian Prisons

March 12, 2008

PHNOM PENH — Visitors to prisons in Cambodia are required to pay bribes to prison guards to gain access to inmates, a Cambodian human rights organization said in a report released Tuesday. The report by LICADHO said, “In order for families to visit a family member in prison, they are usually required to pay a bribe to the prison guards.”
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