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Obama Coalition Includes Racists

October 18, 2008
“The economy is trumping racism,” said Kurt Schmoke, the dean of Howard University Law School and a former Baltimore mayor. “A lot of people who we might think wouldn’t vote their pocketbook because of race — now they are.”

By Ben Smith

Oct. 18) – New polling and a trickle of stories from the battleground states suggest that Sen. Barack Obama’s coalition includes one unlikely group: white voters with negative views of African-Americans.

Race has become the elephant in the room of the 2008 presidential campaign, with Obama’s prospect of becoming the first black president drawing some Americans closer to him while pushing others away. At times, the contest has slipped into a familiar dynamic of allegations of racism and outraged denial — but it’s also challenged some easy assumptions about race, racism and prejudice.

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Sharpton, Jackson Dilemma

January 12, 2008

By Larry Elder
The Washington Times
January 12, 2008

Black South Carolina state Sen. Robert Ford (a Democrat), back in February 2007, warned against a 2008 Democratic ticket headed by Sen. Barack Obama. Mr. Ford said, “It’s a slim possibility for [Obama] to get the nomination, but then everybody else is doomed. Every Democrat running on that ticket next year would lose because he’s black and he’s top of the ticket. We’d lose the House and the Senate and the governors and everything. I’m a gambling man. I love Obama. But I’m not going to kill myself.”

Jesse Jackson, too, criticized Mr. Obama, during the so-called Jena Six matter. Authorities in Louisiana charged five of six black youths with attempted murder for beating a white teenager unconscious. Mr. Jackson felt Barack Obama insufficiently critical, and said, “[Mr. Obama] needs to stop acting like he’s white.”

Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson

This photo was taken when Jesse was more influential but much less self-important and not as wealthy.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson’s soul mate, also sounded alarms against Mr. Obama:, “Just because you’re our color doesn’t make you our kind.” Mr. Sharpton also asked….

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Clintons Move to Tamp Down Criticism From Blacks