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China’s Poisoned Milk Hits Vietnam Especially Hard

October 17, 2008

After China itself, perhaps Vietnam suffered most from the melamine tainted milk, formula and other dairy products from China.  That’s because Vietnam produces only about 20% of its own milk and the price of dairy products in Vietnam is the highest in nthe world…..

Below from Vietnam NetBridge
Associate Professor Dr Nguyen Dang Vang, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly’s Science and Technology  in Vietnam had this to say: 

Every nation in the world has a demand for dairy products, including sterilised fresh milk. The quality of dairy products has to be high, but the prices of products have to be low enough to ensure that people, including children and poor students, can have milk.

In many countries in the world, like Japan and countries in Europe, children always drink sterilised fresh milk, as the countries apply a policy on developing herds of milk cows, which allows them to satisfy domestic demand with 100% of domestic sourced milk.

Cows wait to be milked at a dairy farm near Hohhot, northwestern ... 
Cows wait to be milked at a dairy farm near Hohhot, northwestern China’s Inner Mongolia province, Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008. Alarmed by the growing public dismay and international recalls over its tainted dairy products, China’s government pledged this week to overhaul the troubled industry by monitoring every link in the process that brings raw milk from the farm to the family kitchen.(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

In the region, Taiwan only has a population of 23mil, but its fresh milk output is 885,000 tonnes a year, which means that every person has over 38kg of milk every year.

What about Vietnam? With 120,000 cows and 250,000 tonnes of fresh milk a year, Vietnamese people only have 2.9kg of fresh milk a year.

It is clear that the fresh milk output is too low. Vietnam now has to import milk powder to make liquid milk. 1kg of milk powder can make 8.3 litres of liquid milk. The 250,000 tonnes of material milk can meet only 21.5% of the demand for materials for production, while the other 80% needs to be fed by imports.

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China milk scandal hits Japan firm, Taiwan victims

September 26, 2008

By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING — China’s tainted milk scandal continues to expand beyond its borders as three Taiwanese children and a mother are sick with kidney stones, a Japanese confectioner’s cookies are found to be contaminated and the European Union joins other countries in banning imports of baby food containing Chinese milk.

Liu Yi-lien, health chief of the Ilan County government in eastern Taiwan, says the two 3-year-old girls and a one-year-old boy all have been traveling frequently between Taiwan and China with their parents. One of the children’s mothers also has kidney stones.

If a link is established between these kidney problems and melamine-tainted milk, they would be the first such cases diagnosed outside of China or its territories of Hong Kong and Macau since the contaminated milk scandal erupted this month.

However, the infants may have been consuming formula purchased in China, not Taiwan.

Liu said they all consumed Chinese milk, but that more tests were need to establish a link to their kidney stones.

Four children in China have died from consuming the products contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine and more than 50,000 have been sickened.

Five other children have become ill as a result of using melamine-tainted products in the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macau.

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