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China Allows American Warship to Visit Hong Kong

January 28, 2008
Publication date: January 29, 2008
BEIJING — China on Monday allowed a United States warship to make a port call in Hong Kong, two months after it turned away an American aircraft carrier battle group and set off a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.
The Blue Ridge, an amphibious command ship and the flagship of the Seventh Fleet, and its 700 crew members were expected to stay in Hong Kong for a few days, according to a spokesman for the American Consulate in Hong Kong.The sheltered harbor of Hong Kong….

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Japan urges China to sway global issues

December 28, 2007
By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer

BEIJING – Japan urged China to use its growing influence to make an impact on key global issues such as climate change as the visiting Japanese prime minister opened a day of summit talks Friday with Chinese leaders.

The countries have a history of animosity stemming from disputes over territory, resources and wartime history, but Yasuo Fukuda’s four-day visit — his first as prime minister — follows several friendly meetings between leaders and a Chinese warship’s historic port call to Japan.

“In the long history of our relations, there has never been a time when Japan and China has had more influence or responsibilities in Asia and the world,” Fukuda said at a joint news conference with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

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Admiral “Perplexed” By China’s Decision Making

November 23, 2007


HONOLULU (AP) – The top U.S. military commander in the Pacific said he’s “perplexed and concerned” by China’s last-minute decision to deny a U.S. aircraft carrier entry to Hong Kong for a previously scheduled port visit. The USS Kitty Hawk and its escort ships were due to dock there for a four-day visit Wednesday until they were refused access.

Hundreds of family members had flown to Hong Kong to spend Thanksgiving with their sailors.“It’s hard to put any kind of positive spin on this,” Adm. Timothy Keating told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Thursday while flying back to the U.S. after visiting troops in Iraq. “I’m perplexed and concerned.”

Admiral Timothy J. Keating
Timothy Keating

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Thanksgiving: Port Call, Hong Kong!

November 22, 2007

USS Kitty Hawk, America’s forward deployed aircraft carrier which calls Japan her “home away from home,” is in Hong Kong today, Thanksgiving day.  But her port call in China came despite some controversey.

China’s Foreign Ministry gave approval for U.S. Navy ships to spend Thanksgiving in Hong Kong, hours after the warships were turned away.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said Beijing was allowing the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk and the other ships in its strike group to enter Hong Kong on humanitarian grounds. Earlier Thursday, the Kitty Hawk and its five support vessels left waters off Hong Kong after being refused entry.

Asked about the apparent reversal, Liu declined to comment. China has in the past barred U.S. Navy ships from Hong Kong in fits of pique over disputes in relations.

Why did China grant USS Kitty Hawk and her Battle Group permission to enter Hong Kong, then change its mind, then change its mind again?
Admiral “Perplexed” By China’s Decision Making