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China to develop renewable energy

December 26, 2007

Associated Press
December 26, 2007

China promised Wednesday to develop renewable energy for its fast-growing economy but warned that coal consumption would grow dramatically. It also avoided embracing binding limits on its greenhouse gas emissions.In a report on its energy plans, the government announced no new initiatives but said it wanted to curb reliance on oil and gas to drive an economy that is the world’s second-biggest energy consumer after the United States.

“China gives top priority to developing renewable energy,” said the 44-page report released by the cabinet’s press office.

Zheng Xinli, deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, said government departments are drawing up a plan to establish a higher-level management team to oversee ….

A wastewater treatment pond outside a steel plant in Beijing. (Wu Hong/European Pressphoto Agency)

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