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Garry Kasparov: The Match Of His Life

September 23, 2007

Russian chess super hero and political activists Gary Kasparov was featured on “60 Minutes” on Sunday.  Kasparov calls President Putin’s Russia a “police state.” 

For 20 years Garry Kasparov was the greatest chess player in the world. He won his first world championship at the age of 22 and was ranked number one almost continuously until he retired from international competition two years ago, a Russian hero and a very wealthy man. He could have done anything he wanted. Instead, he chose to make the riskiest move of his career: he entered the treacherous world of Russian politics, and has become one of President Vladimir Putin’s harshest critics, accusing him of abolishing democratic reforms, and turning over the country’s vast natural resources to a small political elite.

It is the match of his life. As correspondent Steve Kroft reports, the odds are long, and the dangers considerable, but Kasparov believes the soul of a nation is at stake.

Watch the video: