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Pakistan: Terrorists Planning Global Attacks

September 3, 2007

Dear John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
September 3, 2007

Dear Sir,

My depression has been released after hearing from you. Actually I have been missing you very badly. Allah Almighty/God may make your journey full of happiness.

Situation in our areas is very critical as the terrorists have been making last-ditch efforts to assert themselves. They have been trying to install their government in the tribal areas. All the officials of Pakistan are busy nowadays in power game and have been fiding very little time for giving attention to tribal areas.

I want to bring in your kind notice that dreaded terrorists have been strengthening their positions. They have been planning attacks in the world. I do not know why the administration of United States and Pakistan have been giving no attention to the areas.

Terrorists have carried out suicide attacks in Bajaur Agency, my home town. Reports said that five people, including three security personnel, were killed and nine others injured in a suicide attack in the Mamond tehsil, 14km from Khar, the headquarter of Bajaur Agency.Officials and witnesses said two people ploughed their explosive-laden car into a truck of the Bajaur Scouts in Mamond tehsil’s Omari area, killing Subedar Noor Khatam on the spot and injuring 11 others, including four soldiers.

Soldiers Liaquat and Omar Afridi, Saleem Khan and another person whose name could not be ascertained died in the Agency Headquarters Hospital, medical superintendent Dr Ameer Khan said.The injured were identified as soldiers Farooq Shah and Abdul Aziz and civilians Jabbar, Ismail, Najeebullah, Hayat, Mohammad Amin and Mohammad Hayan. The name of one injured civilian could not be known.

Nawagai’s assistant political agent Mohammad Jameel Khan said the truck carrying security personnel was attacked at around 10am.Witnesses said the truck was destroyed and parts of the soldiers’ bodies were scattered all over the site.Soon after the attack, a man claiming to speak for the local Taliban called local journalists from an unspecific location and told them that the attack should not be written as “suicide attack”, but as “fidai attack.”

Officials said security had been tightened in the Bajaur Agency after the attack and security forces targeted suspected militant hideouts with mortars for two hours.Meanwhile, four people were injured when security forces clashed with militants in Mamond tehsil’s Badan area.

Officials said the militants were forcibly setting up a checkpoint near an official checkpost, which triggered the exchange of fire.I have got some vital information about the whereabout of dreaded terrorists wanted to the US. I shall share later on.

Again thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency,Tribal Areas Pakistan