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Tainted pills hit U.S. mainland

February 6, 2008

By MICHAEL MELIA, Associated Press Writer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The first warning sign came when a sharp-eyed worker sorting pills noticed that the odd blue flecks dotting the finished drug capsules matched the paint on the factory doors.

After the flecks were spotted again on the capsules, a blood-pressure medication called Diltiazem, the plant began placing covers over drugs in carts in its manufacturing areas.

But the factory owner, Canadian drug maker Biovail Corp., never tried to find out whether past shipments of the drug were contaminated — or prevent future contamination, according to U.S. regulators.

Thirteen of the 20 best-selling drugs in the United States come from plants on this island. But an investigation….

Britney Spears in Tears

January 29, 2008

(Jan. 29) — Britney Spears was left screaming and crying on Monday night following a dispute with her manager, Sam Lufti, various outlets are reporting.

We don’t know about you but at Peace and Freedom we are getting tired of “stars” crying.

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