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Songs from the heart of Vietnam

August 16, 2007

By Anh Le
Special to the Mercury News (San Jose)
August 16, 2007

Y Lan’s mother is Vietnam’s most prolific singer, Thai Thanh. Her father is Vietnamese film star Le Quynh. Y Lan left her home country by boat in 1980, living for a time in Hong Kong and finally reaching the United States in 1981. She launched her professional singing career in 1989 and now is one of the Vietnamese-American community’s favorite vocalists.

Y Lan will share the stage Sunday with several other Vietnamese singers at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts. Here are excerpts from a recent interview:

Q: How do you select which songs to perform?

A: I choose classical songs of our “Que Huong” (“Homeland”), Vietnam. Most of the songs remind Vietnamese listeners of their distant homeland….

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