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U.S. Military: Tense Encounters With Iran Occur Almost Daily in Strait of Hormuz

October 8, 2008

Fox News

WASHINGTON —  EXCLUSIVE: Amid false allegations from Iranian media that a U.S. plane was forced down after accidentally entering Iranian airspace, FOX News learned Tuesday about another tense incident that occurred last month near the Strait of Hormuz.

On Sept. 6, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard threatened to shoot down U.S. helicopters flying cover aboard the USS Peliliu patrolling in the area, according to a classified military transcript of the radio exchange.

According to the transcript, the Peleliu, while en route to the Strait from the Gulf of Oman — was engaged in flight operations using CH-46 helicopters when they encountered an Iranian P3 surveillance plane overhead. The U.S. Navy, which considered the plane as outdated and a non-threatening presence, had a friendly exchange with the Iranians.

The Peleliu established bridge-to-bridge contact with the P3, saying:

USS Peleliu: “Unknown aircraft at 2000ft, this is a coalition warship operation in international waters, we request you remain clear.”

Iranian surveillance plane: “Good morning coalition warship, how do you feel?”

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Above: USS Peleliu