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Asia’s space race heats up as China heads for moon

October 24, 2007

by Robert J. Saiget

BEIJING (AFP) – Asia’s space race heated up on Wednesday as China launched its first lunar orbiter, an event hailed by the world’s most populous nation as a milestone event in its global rise.

China’s year-long expedition, costing 1.4 billion yuan (184 million dollars), kicks off a programme that aims to land an unmanned rover on the moon’s surface by 2012 and put a man on the moon by about 2020.

The launch of Chang’e I, which will explore and map the moon’s surface, came after Japan last month launched ….

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High Tech meets peasant farmers in China.  Background:
China’s Lunar mission is ready for launch.  Foreground:
Peasant farmers evacuate prior to launch today, October
24, 2007.  Note the lady with the big hat is carrying her
rice cooker. Photo from the Communist Party news service

China: Countdown To Space Ambitions, Moon Landing