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WTO takes up US complaint against China patent regime

September 25, 2007

by Aude Marcovitch

GENEVA (AFP) – The WTO agreed on Tuesday to formally examine a US complaint about shortcomings in China‘s intellectual property protection, as friction over trade builds between the world’s economic superpower and its emerging rival.

The World Trade Organisation‘s dispute settlement body set up a panel to rule on the dispute in a meeting here, following a complaint Washington first lodged in April, officials said.

The clash over intellectual property becomes the fourth case ….

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Thailand may break more patents with cancer drugs

September 24, 2007

BANGKOK (AFP) – Thailand may break more patents of Western drugmakers by adding copycat versions of four cancer medicines into the nation’s generic drug programs, a health official said Monday.

The National Health Security Office said it would propose the health ministry issue so-called compulsory licenses on the drugs, unless the government reaches a deal with global pharmaceutical firms to lower prices.

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