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Group claims responsibility for killing U.S. diplomat in Sudan

January 4, 2008

(CNN) — A group calling itself the Partisans of Monotheism in Sudan claimed responsibility Friday for the shooting death of an American diplomat and his driver early New Year’s Day.

The soldiers of monotheism carried out their operation in killing the U.S. diplomat John Micahel Granville and his Sudanese driver, who sold his faith for nothing in this earthly life, … in Riyadh neighborhood east of Khartoum,” the group said in a statement posted in Arabic and English on several Islamist Web sites. The group misspelled Granville’s middle name, which is Michael.

John Granville, seen in an undated family photo, was shot to death in Sudan Tuesday.

The Web sites reported the group, also called Ansar Al-Tawhid, is new.

CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the statement or the legitimacy of the group.

The State Department was unaware of the claim….

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