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Obama’s Pastor “Misunderstood” — Senator to Give Race Address Today

March 18, 2008

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

In a page one story, the Washington Post explained the feelings at Barak Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

His flock says the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is the victim of “a modern day lynching.”

The question is how much will this hurt Senator Barak Obama in his quest for the White House not IF this will hurt Mr. Obama.

“A simmering controversy over Wright’s provocative rhetoric and his connection to Sen. Barack Obama ignited last week after some of his old sermons were aired, prompting the Democratic presidential candidate to condemn them and severing Wright’s connection to the campaign. But inside this mega-church that Wright built up from financial ruin, his most loyal listeners offered a different interpretation: It is Wright, and black theology in its entirety, that is misunderstood,” wrote Post reporter Eli Saslow. 

Wright’s protege, the Rev. Otis Moss III, stepped to the pulpit Sunday to say, “No matter what they want,” Moss said, “we will not shut up.”
Supporters say that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is misunderstood.
Supporters say that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is misunderstood. (Brian Jackson – AP)

Reverend Wright’s raucus sermons have caused a great deal of discussion and concern amid the Democrat’s primary presidential election campaign.

And Senator Obama now says he will discuss his views on race in a major address to just after 10 AM eastern time.  CNN and the Fox News Channel are expected to carry the Senator’s remarks.

We interviewed a seventy-something year old Black American woman yesterday who told us, “In 1954 I was in college.  When I went to register to vote, I was given a literacy exam by an illiterate White man at the registration office.  He could never have passed it —  but White people didn’t even take it.  The exam was meant to keep Black Americans from voting.  So I know racism.”

“Rev. Wright must have experienced a lot of hurt that makes him say what he says.  But his views are not the views of Barak Obama.  The pastor has one view and Barak has another.  Each has ideas formed by their experience and each has a right to speak out,” she told us.

Several others we spoke to agreed with her.

But the voters will decide this issue.

The sad thing is that race has become a very divisive issue in a campaign meant to unite people toward a common good.

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