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Violence Continues in Pakistan Before Elections

February 16, 2008
By Muhammad Khurshid
Voice for Peace
February 16, 2008
Terrorists have carried out yet another suicide attack in tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border just two days before election killing scores of people. The attack has created great terror and fear among the people. Some of the people expressed the fear that terrorists may carry out more attacks.The interior ministry confirmed that at least 37 people were killed in Parachinar suicide blast Saturday outside an election office of an independent candidate backed by PPP.

“The death toll is now 37,” interior ministry spokesman Brigadier Javed Cheema said after the attack in the northwestern tribal town of Parachinar, bordering Afghanistan.

The ministry confirmed that the blast was suicide attack.

“Twenty-one people died and 93 were injured. It’s a very severe emergency, a lot of the wounded are in a critical condition,” a doctor at the main hospital in Parachinar was quoted as saying earlier.

A correspondent of an international news agency present at the hospital said he had counted at least 21 dead bodies.

Talking to media, a security official earlier said that a suicide bomber attacked a Pakistan People’s Party meeting outside the party office in Parachinar.

“A man with long hair drove a car into the crowd and blew himself up,” a witness added.

Another security official said the blast happened outside the office of local PPP candidate Riaz Hussain in Parachinar, the main town in the Kurram tribal region.

In a separate incident in the nearby Bajaur tribal area militants blew up a polling station with a timebomb, police said.

According to the initial reports, the bomb was believed to have been rigged to a car, which was parked outside the election office near Eidgah.

Talking to media, Riyaz Hussain Shah said that he is safe. At the time of blast, he was present in the office.

Parachinar political administration said the relief operation is in progress and the injured are being shifted to the hospital.

According to reports from Swat, several people were injured in a powerful bomb blast in Saidu Sharif. Condition of several injured persons is critical.

Roughest Winter Ever in Afghanistan, Pakistan, China — Thousands Die From Exposure


Pakistan: Can Osama Be Cornered?

December 18, 2007

Dear John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Dear Sir,

First of all accept Merry Christmas from me, my wife, my children and all people of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. Consider this congratulation to citizens of the United States from the tribesmen.

I want to remind you we will be also be celebrating Eidul Azha on the 21st of this month and may be away from our normal post for a day or two — just as I expect you will celebrate Vietnamese Christmas wherever you find yourself!

We are going to celebrate both the Christmas and Eidul Azha in great fear and terror as after the statement of President Musharraf that Osama bin Laden could be in Bajaur Agency the people have been anticipating big operation in the areas.

Most of the tribesmen think that the operation should be targetted; if Osama is to be neutralized. Civilian casualities should be avoided at all cost.

Despite the President’s claim that the state of Emergency has made for the control of militancy and one of Pentagon’s top officials disclosure that the US is helping Pakistan’s security forces “perform” in the tribal areas, the menace has continued to rear its ugly head and the incidents of terrorism have not become rarer. Not only the facts on the ground do not seem to corroborate Pakistan’s claim but they also show no visible improvement in the situation as a result of Pentagon’s help.

On Saturday, a bomb blast killed five in Noshehra Cantonment and a day later nine sportsmen belonging to the army lost their lives in a suicide attack in Kohat and another serious incident occurred when local militants in Bajaur beheaded a security official. In Kurram Agency eight persons, including two of paramilitary corps, were abducted, a CD centre in Mardan became the target of a bomb attack with nine shops destroyed, a suicide bomber and two of his companions were arrested and bombs planted at three places recovered. At Parachinar, tribesmen fought among themselves causing deaths to three and a hostile cleric while six others were held. Thus, if anything, militancy appears to be on the rise.

Maj-General Richard Sherlock, according to a report in The Times of India, acknowledged Islamabad’s role in capturing certain high-profile Al-Qaeda operatives at great cost to its armed forces. However, he did not come out with any details of the USA working with the Pakistan government to meet the challenge. At the same time, he would not elaborate, when asked, what message Defence Secretary Gates was sending when he declared that the US might take unilateral action within Pakistan. Washington has to be told in explicit terms that any armed action on Pakistan’s soil would be deemed an act of aggression.

Dear Sir, Please remember us in the prayers on the eve of Christmas.

Again thank you very and merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Thank you very much,
Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid,
Khar, Bajaur Agency,
Tribal Areas Pakistan

Pakistan: Fighting Taliban In Tribal Areas Intensifies

July 23, 2007

Dear John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Dear Sir,

First, I want to congratulate you. Your Peace and Freedom is far ahead from others in war on terrorism.

Now the US administration has recognised that some dreaded terrorists have been hiding in tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. Peace and Freedom was the was first in breaking this news. Please accept congratulation from the people of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas.

Situation in our areas is still critical as some invisible has been trying to create terror and fear among the people. I want to inform you that the people of tribal areas this time will cooperate with the United States if action is taken against terrorists. Now they have accepted that terrorists are the enemies of whole world.

According to report, security forces killed 20 militants in clashes in North Waziristan, while 10 security personnel were wounded. Army troops killed 13 militants in Ghulam Khan, 15 kilometres north of Miranshah in North Waziristan. The incident occurred about 11pm when unidentified militants attacked a Frontier Corps check-post. The army returned fire, killing 13 militants and destroying two vehicles. The army also arrested seven militants and seized a vehicle. The militants took the bodies of their colleagues with them.

Gunship helicopters killed seven militants who were shooting at an army convoy from hilltops in Qutab Khel, five kilometres east of Miranshah. Six security personnel were seriously injured in the clash. The convoy was going to Bannu from Miranshah. Unidentified militants attacked another army convoy at Khar Qamar, 20 kilometres west of Miranshah, with a remote-controlled bomb at , seriously injuring four security personnel. The convoy was heading for Datta Khel.

Inter Services Public Relations Director General (DG) Major General Waheed Arshid confirmed that 13 militants had been killed and seven arrested in the Ghulam Khan incident. However, he said only six militants were killed at the Chashmai Bridge and five security personnel were wounded in Sunday’s incident. Militants in small groups attempted to attack several army posts in the area but security forces foiled their bid, Gen Arshad said. Violence has intensified in North Waziristan after local Taliban militants pulled out of a peace agreement with the government last week.

We keep in touch our normal methods and times seem OK.

Again thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency,Tribal Areas Pakistan

Fighting Intensifies In Pakistani Tribal Areas

Tribal Areas, Pakistan: “The U.S. Should Study With Great Care”

July 21, 2007

Dear John E. Carey, Peace and Freedom:

Dear Sir, Thanks a lot for your continued cooperation and kindness. You are absolutely right that Pakistan has been passing through a very critical phase of its history. As after your interest now the truth has been coming to surface.

The terrorists, among them are government officials, have been trying to destroy the whole country so the people like you may not see their misdeeds. They have actually deceived the whole world. Believe it or not but this is the fact that war in Iraq has been directed from Pakistan. The government has given the impression that tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border are lawless so they have converted it into a base for terrorists. For that the rulers were paid heavily.

In other words you can say that the tribal areas have been sold to terrorists.

But the rulers have forgetton one thing that millions of tribesmen have been living in the areas.

So now they have started a campaign for elimination of tribal people. This impression is totally wrong that the government forces have been fighting against the terrorists. Actually they have been fighting to secure the tribal areas for the terrorists. Terrorists are their own people. They have been getting every type of support from the government of Pakistan.

Just look to Waziristan where the situation has been worsening with each passing day. Four people including a Frontier Corps (FC) soldier and two civilians were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a security checkpost in North Waziristan after a 45-member jirga began talks with pro-Taliban militant leaders to resurrect a peace deal and stem spiraling violence.

The security checkpost at Boya, 25 kilometres west of Miranshah, was attacked at 11am. “The jirga members are holding talks with the local elders and clerics and then they will negotiate with the Taliban commanders,” a jirga member said. The jirga is likely to return to Peshawar on Saturday.

A spokesman for pro-Taliban militants, Abdul Hayee Ghazi, said: “One of our comrades carried out this suicide bombing as others did in the last few days. We will not stop such attacks.”

As the tribal elders were meeting with militant leaders, security forces backed by a helicopter raided an alleged militant hideout, a security official said.

Dear Sir, the jirga sent by the government has been pressuring the tribal elders not to disturb Taliban and terrorists. Do not mind if they are going to Afghanistan for fighting the American forces. The Pakistani media most of the time has been telling lie.

Tribal areas have its own. We have customs and traditions through which we have been running our affairs. There is no system, no police no security agencies, but there is still peace. So we have the law.

The administration of the United States should study the situation and take a new decision about its war on terrorism being fought in tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency, Tribal Areas Pakistan

[Muhammad is a professional journalist who is on assignment in the tribal areas, Pakistan]