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Says Anything To Win: Obama says McCain offers ‘willful ignorance’

October 21, 2008

Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain is offering little more than “willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology” to an economy in crisis, seeking to capitalize on the main issue that is propelling him forward in the race for the White House.

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer

“While President Bush and Sen. McCain were ready to move heaven and earth to address the crisis on Wall Street, the president has failed so far to address the crisis on Main Street, and Sen. McCain has failed to fully acknowledge it,” Obama said at a jobs summit his campaign staged in economically precarious and politically significant Florida.

Obama said that McCain’s response to the limping economy doesn’t offer enough to Americans worried about keeping their jobs, their homes and their lifestyles.

“Instead of commonsense solutions, month after month, they’ve offered little more than willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology,” he said in a steamy gymnasium at Palm Beach Community College, where 1,700 people sat cheering in the stands and at least that many if not more gathered outside to cheer Obama’s appearance…

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