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Teen Media Idols: Drunk, Naked, Pregnant, Unashamed (We Have Pictures!)

January 3, 2008

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

This is meant to reflect deep concern for the shallowness of some of America’s culture and to indicate great concern for our youth.

We don’t have enage daughters so we try not to pass judgment on those youngsters and their offspring — or their parents. But sometimes, it is darned near impossible to resist commenting upon the morals and antics of our young people in our extremely permissive society.

Last night, Britney Spears was removed from her home by police and emergency workers following a three hour stand-off with the father of her children, Kevin Federline.
Reporters said she was handcuffed and in an ambulance when she arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.  The incident concerned cutody for the couple’s sons, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James.

Police and hospital officials said Miss Spears was under the influence of something which they did not disclose or discuss.

Five days before Christmas, the sixteen year old star of “Zoey 101” Miss Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s sister, announced that she was pregnant with the child of her boyfriend one Casey Aldridge.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie who needs a condom and a lecture.

“I was in complete and total shock and so was he,” gushed the younger Miss Spears.

Well: here’s a newsflash. Every sixteen year old knows if you have unprotected sex there are consequences. 

The TV show the 16 year old stars in has become the most popular TV show for girls between the ages of and 8 and 12.

The mother of the Spears youngsters is Lynn, already a grandmother to Britney’s young sons.

Said Lynn: “I didn’t believe it because Jamie Lynn’s always been so conscientious. She’s never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby.”

Grow up grandma.

Jamie Lynne’s future on TV could be in danger, at least for a short time, and her mom’s book on parenting has been “shelved” by her publisher.

Todd Wiliamson/
Jamie Lynne Spears and Casey Aldridge

The parenting book was to have been published by a Christian book company.
Lindsay Lohan is another “star” who has questionable appeal as a “role model.”  She is only a photogropher’s model and her looks won’t last especially if she continues to abuse drugs and alcohol.

The actress has been in and out of rehab after two arrests last year on drunken driving and cocaine charges.  Early in 2008 she posed nude in a Marilyn Monroe look-alike spread.


Today another teen heart throb entered the “News About My Sex Life” arena.  Nineteen year old actress Vanessa Hudgens discussed what she called the “traumatic” scandal concerning her nude photos appearing all over the internet.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images)

Another news flash: in our digital age one had better not pose for porn lest it become for sale on the open and world-wide media circus. Only a few Chinese who are subject to tight state internet and other media restrictions will miss out on seeing Miss Hudgens “in the buff.”

Maybe all this titillation from teen girls is just to gain more media attention?  One wonders….

I remember when the worst thing a sixteen year old could do would earn him or her some time after school or a delayed shot at getting a drivers license.  Even at 19 my friends thought drinking three beers was a dangerous sport of epic proportions.

One wonders what the sons and daughters of drama queens Hudgens and Spears can possibly do to shock their parents in 16 years from now…..

I guess it is hard to find a virgin in today’s America above the age of, say, 10?  And parenting has become, well, as permissive, “tolerant,” accepting and understanding as it can get.  Bill Clinton must be delighted.

Is this what we really want?

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Nearly four months after a nude photo of High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens hit the Internet, the 19-year-old actress has issued fans another mea culpa … well, sort of.

In the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, Hudgens said she’s not sorry for taking the risqué picture, which she repeatedly called “private,” but sorry instead for getting caught.

“It’s very unfortunate, because with the Internet these days, you don’t have a personal life,” she told the magazine for its February cover story. “Nothing is private: Everyone knows everything, and they can find out everything about you. You’re not as safe as you think you are, and you have to be aware of the people you’re around. It was something that was meant to be private, and even though it isn’t anymore, I’d still like to keep it as private as I can.”

Hudgens’ remarks to the magazine somewhat contradict an earlier statement issued days after the leak by her management, in which she apologized to her fans and said she felt embarrassment and “regret [at] having ever taken these photos.”

Although she recently admitted to Seventeen that the incident was “traumatic” and made her “extremely upset,” she said she’s “much better now” thanks in large part to her “family, friends, and fans, who supported me all along the way.”

Specifically, she singled out her mother to the magazine as particularly supportive.

“I was just open with her, and she was just so cute. She was like, ‘Well, everyone can be naked if they want to,’ ” Hudgens told Seventeen. “My parents are very supportive of me. And they know I’m a teenager, and yes, kids do stupid things sometimes.”

According to the article, Hudgens found out about the photo leak while out of the country. She claims the distance made her better equipped to deal with the resulting fallout.

“I found out from my manager,” she revealed. “We heard some story was going to break in the tabloids, and I was like, ‘What?!?’ A few days later, the picture came out while I was on vacation in Australia. Thank God I wasn’t home. It would have sucked if I was at home. So I got to be away from L.A. for about a millisecond. But when I came back, it got kind of crazy.

“I hope all my fans can learn from my mistake and make smart decisions,” she concluded.

— Shawn Adler (

China: Reversing 1,000 Year Corruption Legacy

July 24, 2007

While your kids read Harry Potter this summer, Chinese kids are likely learning a system of ideas, ethics, family values and societal order. 

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
July 24, 2007

Question: How do you change the hearts, minds, culture and actions of 1.3 billion people?

Answer: Very slowly, Grasshopper.

China has a problem dealing with the west. Simply put, the average Chinese businessman, factory supervisor, factory worker and vendor has one goal in mind: making money. You might say, “That is true of everyone in business all over the world.” True enough; but the Chinese person is a lot less likely to be governed or even slightly influenced by any culture of honesty, integrity, or tendency toward obeying laws or norms.

What’s the proof? The Chinese can tell you themselves.

The communist government of the People’s Republic of China is again fostering the teachings of Confucius. Confucianism was the moral and social code of the Chinese people for centuries until the Cultural Revolution and the advent of the PRC made Confucianism taboo. The “Red Chinese” pushed people away from Confucianism and toward the teachings of the state.

The ship of state lost its moral rudder.

There is no “state religion” in the United States, where we proudly and dearly adhere to a separation of church and state. Yet religion is widespread and permeates much of the fabric of our society.

Most western democracies have no “state religion,” even though religion is pervasive.

But in the People’s Hall’s in Beijing, leaders are discussing the notion of a “state religion.”

You know why? What they have, which is no religion, no ethics, and no moral code, isn’t working.

Conspicuous consumption is not a religion. Putting anti-freeze into toothpaste to save money is not a religion. Killing American pets with tainted pet food is not a religion. And poisoning scores of people in Panama with tainted cough syrup is not a religion.

Not only that, it is bad for business.

So there is a resurgence in at least one old familiar system that would be acceptable to China’s leadership: Confucianism.

While your kids are reading about Harry Potter and his wizardry and sorcerythis summer, Chinese kids are reading about a system of ideas, a way to live a better life and an operating system for the family and the society.

Most people in the west waste their time gamely and gladly. They already have everything money can buy, they have good jobs and lots of toys and time to kill.

I’m not saying the Chinese system is better but it might be enlightening to discover that the Chinese, seeing rampant greed and a social ethic that promotes corruption, are at least grabbing at straws on how to put the train of their society back on the tracks.

There is no Paris Hilton in China, though there are beautiful models and delightful actresses. There is no Michael Vick though there are revered sports athletes. China’s communists system always seems to have one foot on the break: unlike the full throttle party in the west.

Today, Confucianism is in a revival, and partly because the leaders in China realize that as China’s economy has grown and become global, corruption and greed have become the dominant “religion” of many people.

This is rubbing the west the wrong way.

I can remember buying pirated (illegally copied) expensive books in China in the 1970s. Books like the famous Oxford English Dictionary (OED), a tome that would cost hundreds of dollars in London, sold for just a few measly bucks in China. As I student I wanted reference books (this was before the internet, kids) and there was no place where reference books were less expensive than China. That was because the Chinese cared nothing for copyright laws or other such niceties.

Today, the U.S. is still deadlocked with China in bitter negotiations over Intellectual Property Rights (protections for books, movies, computer software, and etc.).

Today The Washington Post ran an article discussing the revival of Confucianism in China and this is no small matter. Some in the west have taken the ostrich approach to Chinese dishonest and trickery.

But the global economy cannot possibly succeed unless nations, their businesses, manufacturers and vendors play by rules.

Almost any rules of proper business behavior would be preferred over what we have from China now: poisoned toys, toothpaste, and cough syrup.

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Last year in China, Beijing Normal University Professor Yu Dan  wrote a series of lectures called “The Analects of Confucius.” This turned into a $3.00 book on Conficianism, which sold 4 million copies, more than double the sales of the previous bestseller, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”