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Bargains await cash-rich China

October 9, 2008

By Chris O’Brien
The Washington Times

BEIJING | When the world’s economies bottom out, the most populous nation will be better poised than others to turn the financial implosion to its advantage, leading Chinese economists say.

China‘s financial institutions have been relatively unscathed by the meltdown. Laden with $1.8 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, they possess the spending power to splurge on bargain-price shares in the world´s crumbling banking and real estate giants.

China's founding leader Mao Zedong appears on Chinese currency, ...
China’s founding leader Mao Zedong appears on Chinese currency, the Yuan. (AFP/File/Frederic J. Brown)

A mood of caution appears to prevail, however, after two high-profile investments faltered last year.

The China Investment Corp. (CIC), a sovereign wealth fund set up a year ago with $200 billion in foreign exchange to invest, bought a $3 billion stake in Blackstone Group and $5 billion in Morgan Stanley, both of which are mired in the U.S. crisis.

The Chinese government’s reluctance to wield its financial clout overseas would represent a missed opportunity to invest in some “grossly undervalued” companies, said Yao Shujie, an economics professor and head of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at Nottingham University in Britain.

“Investors are repressed by fear and a lack of confidence at the moment, and it is understandable individual investors don´t want to jeopardize their life savings. But China, as a country, has the ability to bear a large amount of risk. Now is the time to take risks,” he said.

Mr. Yao is not advocating a wholesale purchase of Wall Street´s financial stocks. China lacks the experience and expertise to manage the likes of Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, the remaining major investment banks.

Instead, he said, China should follow a strategy of “a billion dollars here, a billion dollars there,” spreading risks over a diversified portfolio, and should consider board-level representation so Chinese bankers can learn new management techniques.

A week ago, Japanese banking giant Mitsubishi UFJ Financial completed a $9 billion deal to buy a 21 percent share in Morgan Stanley.

“If the Chinese government follows this kind of policy, then by the time this crisis is over, which in my view will be in one to two years, it could have made a huge profit from it,” Mr. Yao said.

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Does China represent a threat or an opportunity?

November 6, 2007

EU Struggling with the trade issue with China…..

By Stephen Castle
International Herald Tribune
November 6, 2007

Of the many disputes that have strained ties between Europe and China, perhaps the most revealing arose over trade in light bulbs.

The tension over EU imports of cheap, energy-saving bulbs reached its peak this fall when the European Commission, fearing job losses in Europe, postponed plans to remove tariffs on Chinese-made products.

The debate that preceded this action illustrated just how much globalization has transformed international trade and the question that confronts Europeans and others: Does China represent a threat or an opportunity? As much as it pitted European interests against Chinese ones, the dispute also saw two European companies – and two sets of European concerns – clashing with each other.

The company lobbying hardest for an end to duties of as much as 66 percent on Chinese imports was Philips Electronics of the Netherlands, which manufactures many of its light bulbs in China and stands to gain €15 million to €20 million, or $20 million to $29 million, a year if trade barriers are removed. Its rival Osram, a German company that manufactures far fewer light bulbs in China, would benefit far more if duties stayed in place.

As the lobbying and bickering intensified, Osram even challenged Philips’s right to be considered a European producer of light bulbs because it outsourced so much of its production.

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U.S. and China: Which Way?

August 23, 2007

Alvin Rabushka
The Washington Times
August 23, 2007

Current U.S. headlines about China trumpet dubious dog food and lead paint in toys. Too bad all that is burying another important story. China’s emergence as an economic power has set off alarms among national security and military experts in Washington, D.C., about China’s rapidly rising military expenditures, including the acquisition of world-class submarines, development of a blue-water navy, modern aircraft, satellite-launch and -destruction capability, a broad range of missiles, and a more professional army.

An immediate concern is Taiwan’s security, but the longer-term threat resides in China’s growing influence throughout Asia and its forays into Africa and Latin America in quest of natural resources. What, then, should U.S. policy be toward China?

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Kamala Sarup: Nepal – My Motherland For Peace

August 11, 2007

By Kamala Sarup
August 11, 2007 

Now my tears come up easily, perhaps it is due to love and remembrance that I do you. What is Freedom, Justice, Peace And love? Why does it have pain the heart? What is true is that in a so long period you are acquaint with my heart and respect it truly.

What ties you and me is nothing but the sense of love, freedom, justice and my beautiful land. In my remembrance there is confidence, naturalness and respect. I have spread your sense of good feel over my confidence. I have knitted your goodwill in the rings of my heart.

I feel you, while I am in the U.S. (a land of opportunity, A great country), ‘I am loving you in your sense , perhaps I can’t . I keep the meaning of love differently.

I can’t agree in what purpose and sense others are taking it – widely or narrowly ‘ . I do agree with you. But what is true is that there is no artificiality in peace. Nepal we love is a permanent theme , it is immortal, it is justice for the people. I too do not believe in such love which is performed to mean.

In fact, I love your feelings, ways of surviving and dedication. The another name of our life is present I wish to long this present happily with you.

Our feelings are scattered , the hearts are wondering and we are becoming like the friends of journey who disperse with no promise. It is I who to say I hate terrorism, I hate violence. It might be the clue of our relation that stands in my believe, the pray of our success.

For me, my motherland is enough which I declared earlier. Love doesn’t count profit . If it is not only a proverb then my love is unselfish. I have given you nothing except good wishes and love and want to see you a beautiful nation on the earth. I have offered love and belief keeping nothing in me.

Among the countless wants, my wants are limited which I have already exposed that is peace, no violence in my motherland. My heart wishes to sing a song, compose a poem, black and white a story of love by heart . But, this path is not clear. So many obstacles are lying on the way. Perhaps, no time and way to overcome it. I wish to build a history of our Nation.

Let’s forward to establish a history of our friendship. It not for us, it might be the pillar for coming generation. In your absence too , I can not lead the life passively . I am always ready to fight the battle of peace because its another name its worship . Such confidence is already developed insight me. Whatever you may think I can’t allow to lose the honesty of peace. These are my clarification which I dare to put forward . I am fighting for that truth . Am I wrong in my conclusion ?

The another name of the nation is struggle . The days are bright but nights are dark. I am in such a boat which I can neither row nor leave in the river. I am feeling inner humanitarian pain, a deep hurt . I accept willingly thinking it as compulsory fact. Terrorism hurts me. Violence stands for sorrow and happiness. In my part, there is sorrow only. Mother Nepal, you are the light of our life. Without you, the life is dark . You are our destination. So, I dare to walk in the dark.

I also believe, ‘whenever you will be in the extreme feel of love , the pain and sorrow will be wiped out . This is the foundation of our values..

When I feel love for you , the moment becomes the most important moment . The imaginary recalls , so sweet recalls, I never expected . It was sure that the element like you will be lovely, but it would be you, is unexpected, but like the touch of poem , we can keep our love permanent and unbelievable .

This age , the moment of Internet has helped me to be the happiest creature of this world .

The cool breeze is blowing outside. I can see the long ribbon like road to the south of my rented room. The road is busy . It has become my duty to look up the busy road, the road is a road . It does not loose its track like the heart. This might be the prime feature of road. This is the difference between them. The vehicles and crowd make the road busy. The road never hesitates. How happy the people will be if the heart remains inflexible like the road . I stop to watch the crowd and the kids on the road. The streets are busy and the people in the street are more busy . No body has time to think for others . Indeed, it is good to be busy but what upsets me is that I find myself alone among the people or crowed on the road .

‘What I am feeling now is that our way of thinking, assumption and style of life.

At present, I am watching at the people walking on the road sitting on the bench outside my residence. My hands are busy, there is no cold outside. The environment is sad but attractive. But I am feeling fear in heart . What type of fear – subject less and causeless fear makes me to shiver , I never imagined .

I opened the windows of my room and looked out. I could see the park, the beautiful landscape far off, military parade, the tall trees and the blooming flowers . They provided me peace.

I regard you now Nepali mother. The sky and the hearts should be unified. We are to live for our future and the plans that we are imagining.

In case we fail to meet on peace , we must continue our peaceful efforts. Heart to heart peace is important. If we accept this principle, we will be one step forward in the field of peace, freedom, justice and a real democracy and we can dedicate ourselves for the immortality of our Nepalese children.

*************Nepali Journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor of She is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development. Some of her publications are: Women’s Empowerment (Booklet). Prevention of trafficking in women through media,(Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in for Media Activism (Media research). Two Stories collections. Her interests include international conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economic and literature. Her current plans are to move on to humanitarian work in conflict areas in the near future. She also is experienced in organizational and community development.