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Envoy: Vietnam Lacks Human Rights Progress

August 10, 2007

HANOI (AFP) – The outgoing US ambassador to Vietnam, Michael Marine, on Thursday said a lack of progress on human rights in the communist country was the biggest disappointment of his three-year tenure.      

“I wish I could say it’s improving, but I can’t,” he told his final media briefing in Hanoi. “Perhaps my biggest disappointment here is that we’ve not been able to expand the space for political dialogue in Vietnam.”

Vietnam, a one-party-state, this year jailed a number of political activists who had called for non-violent political change toward a multi-party democracy….

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Olympic artist attacks China’s pomp and propaganda

August 9, 2007

Jonathan Watts, East Asia correspondent
Thursday August 9, 2007
The Guardian

The Chinese artist behind Beijing’s spectacular new Olympic stadium has said he wants nothing to do with the propaganda for which it will be used during next year’s games.In an attack on the “disgusting” political conditions in the one-party state, Ai Weiwei told the Guardian he would not attend the opening ceremony a year from now, or allow himself to be associated with either the government or the games.

“I would rather be disconnected or forgotten,” said Ai, one of China’s most prominent figures in the arts. He conceived the stadium’s steel-lattice design – nicknamed the bird’s nest – with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.

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