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China: Officials Violating ‘One-Child’ Policy Forced Out

January 8, 2008

By Maureen Fan
Washington Post Foreign Service
January 8, 2008; Page A16

BEIJING, Jan. 7 — Officials in Hubei province have expelled 500 people from the Communist Party for violating China’s “one-child” family planning policy, state media reports said Monday.

Of the 93,084 people who had more children than allowed last year, 1,678 were officials or party members, the New China News Agency reported. Among the violators were seven national or local legislators and political advisers, all of whom were stripped of their political status. Another 395 offenders lost their jobs.

China’s family planning officials, worried about a baby boom that could further strain the country’s resources, have been trying to crack down on parents who have more children than they are permitted under the law.

Under the current rules, city residents are limited to one child, while rural residents may have two children. In addition, parents who themselves are only children and members of ethnic minorities are granted exceptions.

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Anger Management: After Period of Peace, Coach Bobby Knight Erupts

January 6, 2008

LUBBOCK, Texas (Jan. 5) – After 899 wins, Bob Knight is as feisty as ever.

With about 7 1/2 minutes remaining in the first half of Texas Tech’s 75-68 win over UTEP on Saturday, Knight lost his right shoe when he kicked the front of the scorer’s table.
Joe Don Buckner, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal / AP
The coach was upset about a charging call against Esmir Rizvic. Shortly after replacing his shoe, he strode the length of table during a timeout and apparently told a Big 12 and NCAA official seated there to keep an eye on the officiating.Less than a minute later, he got a technical for arguing with officials….

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