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The Meltdown of the American Media

November 5, 2008

More than the economy has melted down. What remains of big media credibility has also liquefied and won’t recover anytime soon, if it ever does.

Don’t take my word for it. The ombudsman for The Washington Post acknowledges that conservatives have a point when they claim an imbalance in coverage of Barack Obama and John McCain.

By Cal Thomas
The Washington Times
In her Nov. 2 column, Deborah Howell writes, “…it’s true that The Post, as well as much of the national news media, has written more stories and more favorable stories about Barack Obama than John McCain. Editors have their reasons for this, but conservatives are right that they often don’t see their views reflected enough in the news pages.”

What might be “their reasons”? There is only one answer: Too many journalists have been in the tank for Mr. Obama and wanted to see him elected president. Some Post reporters (Ms. Howell doesn’t say how many) “complained to me that suggestions for issues coverage have been turned aside” in favor of horse-race coverage, despite reader complaints about too much coverage of the race itself and not enough of the candidates’ positions on the issues.

Journalism is the only profession I know that ignores the wishes of its consumers. If a department store found that most of its customers preferred over-the-calf socks to ankle-length socks, would that store ignore customer preferences for the longer socks because the president of the company preferred the ankle-length style? Not if the store wanted to make a profit in the sock department. Yet journalists have this attitude: “we know what’s good for you, so shut up and take it.”

Ms. Howell calls this arrogance….

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Even in Defeat, Media ‘Disrespects’ McCain

November 5, 2008

Even as he stood humbly in defeat, the media that couldn’t get enough of ignoring or belittling John McCain did it again.  The most conservative newspaper in America, The Washington Times, while praising Navy hero John McCain, couldn’t care enough to correctly cite the aircraft carrier upon which he almiost died in a terrible fuel and rocket stoked fire: USS Forrestal.  The Times said it was “USS Forester.”

USS Forrestal: 134 sailors died in a terrible fire which
trapped John McCain; but he escaped

This might be a small thing as the nation rejoices in a history making event, but to a Navy veteran and journalist like me, this is the emblematic end error in a long line of oversights, errors, malignings and just outright not caring from the media toward Mr. McCain.

When the party celebrating Barack Obama’s historic victory clears, and it better be soon as their are many crises on his plate and on the national agenda, we, as a nation, need to take a hard look at media objectivity, honesty and integrity…

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., delivers remarks during an election night rally in Phoenix Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008. Associated Press.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., delivers remarks during an election night rally in Phoenix Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008. Associated Press.