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Russia will not nuke Poland, but military reaction to follow U.S.missile base construction

October 20, 2008


Russia will not use nuclear  missiles  against  Poland,  but  a  military  reaction  to  the construction  of  the  U.S. missile shield base in Poland is inevitable,

Russian  Foreign  Minister  Sergei Ivanov told British news organization
BBC in an interview, which took place Saturday.

“Russia  will definitely react, because we can’t just not react,” Ivanov
said, according  to  the  BBC website. “A new military potential will in
several  years  be present, very close to our borders, only 300 km away,
but that  doesn’t  mean  of  course  that  we are planning a new nuclear
attack on the Czech Republic or Poland. That’s total rubbish.”

Ivanov reiterated  earlier  declarations  that  Russia  sees the missile
shield as a threat to its national security and that a military reaction
would be on the cards if the missile shield construction went ahead.

The Russian foreign minister refuted earlier suggestions made by Russian
armed forces  chief  of staff Gen. Yury Baluyevsky in January 2008, that
Russia would  take various military actions into consideration including
the use of nuclear weapons.

“There are  still  many  Cold  War warriors,” Ivanov told the BBC. “Many
Britons  and  Americans  still  think  that  all  Russians are drunk and
treacherous, and that we spend our time thinking how to attack the West.

That’s part of old-style Cold War propaganda. There’s too much mistrust.

Russia opposes  U.S.  plans  to  deploy  elements  of its NMD program in
Poland and  the  Czech  Republic,  questioning U.S. claims that it would
target so-called ‘rogue’ states, such as Iraq.

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North Korea bans UN staff from nuke complex

October 9, 2008

By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press Writer

VIENNA, Austria – Diplomats say that North Korea has made all of its Yongbyon nuclear facilities off limits to international inspectors.

The diplomats say the North’s decision was made recently but declined to offer details. The diplomats demanded anonymity Thursday because their information was confidential.

The reported move expands the area that the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors are no longer allowed to monitor.

Pyongyang already barred agency personnel from its plutonium reprocessing facility at Yongbyon last month, when it made good on threats to restart its weapons-producing atomic program.

General: Israel Can Destroy Or Cripple Iran’s Nuke Program

November 1, 2007

RTTNews) – A senior Israeli Defense Officer has said that Israel has the capability to destroy or cripple Iran’s nuclear program.

The unnamed brigadier-general who spoke to a few Jewish journalists in Toronto on October 22 had his remarks posted on the Canadian Jewish News Web site.

The general said, “Delay can also be helpful. We have to be prepared for any eventuality”. The general also said that striking Iran’s nuclear facilities would not be easy, since its facilities are widely scattered and buried deep underground, the report said.

The general also said that though the UN sanctions had had “some positive effects,” it has not deterred Iran from pursuing nuclear capabilities.