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What A.Q. Khan Knows: How Pakistan’s Proliferator Could Help in Pyongyang

January 31, 2008

 By Selig S. Harrison
The Washington Post
Thursday, January 31, 2008; Page A21

Either Kim Jong Il or Pervez Musharraf is lying about whether Pakistan‘s Dr. Strangelove, Abdul Qadeer Khan, gave centrifuges to North Korea for uranium enrichment. Unless the truth can be established, the hitherto-promising denuclearization negotiations with Pyongyang are likely to collapse.
Khan has been shielded from foreign interrogators since his arrest three years ago for running a global nuclear Wal-Mart. Musharraf wrote in his memoir, “In the Line of Fire,” that the former czar of Pakistan’s nuclear program provided “nearly two dozen” prototype centrifuges suitable for uranium enrichment experiments to North Korea — a charge flatly denied by Pyongyang.

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