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Mumbai: India’s Security From The Sea a Mix of Neglect, Apathy, Ineptitude

December 1, 2008

A lot is being said about the intelligence failure of central agencies and the Navy that led to the attack on Mumbai but a review made by the Centre recently on the status of patrolling of its maritime zones across eight coastal states revealed a sordid saga of neglect and apathy.

The Times of India

A report submitted by the Comptroller and Auditor General to the government in October said that a central scheme to procure 26 patrol boats at a cost of Rs 25 crore for patrolling of exclusive fishing zones in the first 12 miles of the coastline of eight states was largely unfruitful.

The boats were “either not constructed or were lying idle and not being used for the intended purpose” while authorities even failed to carry out mid-course correction, it pointed out.

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Thailand Accused of Abuse, Neglect of Refugees

September 18, 2007

By Ed Cropley

BANGKOK, Sept 18 (Reuters) – A refugee group accused Thailand on Tuesday of deliberately mistreating hundreds of North Korean fugitives by keeping them in squalid and overcrowded detention cells for months to try to deter others from coming.

China and then Thailand is fast becoming one of the main “underground railway” routes out of Kim Jong-il’s totalitarian state, with police along the northern Thai borders with Laos and Myanmar picking up as many as 60 fugitives a month.

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