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Patriotic Day Meets Some Resistance In France

October 23, 2007

By Angela Doland
Associated Press
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PARIS, Oct. 22 — Guy Moquet was only 17 when he was executed by a Nazi firing squad, becoming a symbol of the Resistance’s fight to free France. President Nicolas Sarkozy says M¿quet is just the kind of patriot the country needs today.

The decision to designate a “Guy Moquet Day,” which was observed Monday in schools, was Sarkozy’s first act in office in May. It was meant to build up national pride, a frequent theme for Sarkozy, by reminding teenagers of how much Resistance fighters sacrificed during World War II.

But events didn’t go as smoothly as Sarkozy had hoped.

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Culture war and meaning of our nation

September 9, 2007

By Russell Wilcox
September 8, 2007

Why is it that I often write about such subjects as Darwinism, liberalism, and the ACLU? It is because American society is engaged in a war between those who believe that there is no such thing as right and wrong – and those who hold more traditional views. Those who believe there is no such thing as right and wrong (whom Bill O’Reilly calls Secular-Progressives or SP’s) believe that the only thing that matters is what feels good, and that their behavior is nobody else’s business.

Although many people do not make the connection, this attitude and the behavior it promotes can be traced to Darwinian theory that we are all just accidental products of random happenings – in a straight line down to the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engels and Lenin – down to the communist and Nazi writings and exploits of Stalin, Mao and Hitler – and down to the ACLU and to modern liberalism.

This is not to say that liberals are always bad or wrong or that conservatives are always good and correct, but the obvious disintegration of American society that we see before our eyes (from a traditional standpoint) is going to continue its downward spiral unless those of us who care about such matters (mostly older people) make the connections and fight harder to reverse this trend. The freedom, the security and the prosperity of our grandchildren ultimately depend on having and enforcing standards.

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