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Pakistan’s new leaders declare ‘last day of dictatorship’

March 18, 2008
By Saeed Shah, McClatchy Newspapers 

ISLAMABAD, PakistanPakistan‘s newly elected National Assembly met for the first time Monday and delivered an immediate rebuff to Pervez Musharraf , setting up a head-on clash between the elected assembly and the unpopular U.S.-backed president.

With the incoming government committed to restoring the judges who were fired by Musharraf and stripping the powers of the presidency, a battle seems inevitable in which Washington may find itself on the losing side. Critics said Musharraf is unwilling to retreat to the figurehead role prescribed for the president in Pakistan’s original constitution.

“The conspiracies of the (presidential) palace will be fought with the strength of parliament,” said Ahmed Mukhtar , a possible candidate for the post of prime minister from the Pakistan People’s Party , just before the assembly met. “We have the numbers to do whatever we want.”

The People’s Party , which won the most seats in the Feb. 18 election, plans to form a government in the next few days with its traditional rival, Nawaz Sharif‘s Pakistan Muslim League-N , in a grand anti-Musharraf alliance. Together, along with two smaller parties, the new government would control two-thirds of the National Assembly. According to Mukhtar, the coalition also will soon control two-thirds of the Senate , due to the defection of Musharraf backers, which would mean that it could impeach Musharraf.

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Pakistani policemen gather around an injured colleague at a ...
Pakistani policemen gather around an injured colleague at a hospital after the suicide attack in Mingora. A suicide bomber blew himself up at a police barracks in Pakistan’s violence-plagued northern Swat valley on Monday, killing two policemen and injuring six others, police said.
(AFP/Chand Khan)