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China Leader Says “Handle Food and Product Safety Like We Handled SARS”

November 2, 2007

BEIJING (Reuters) – China needs a product safety promotion campaign on the scale of that rolled out to fight SARS, state media on Friday quoted the head of a national taskforce as saying, warning of huge quality problems yet to be solved.

Vice Premier Wu Yi — who is leading China’s effort to stamp out tainted, toxic and dangerous food and exports after a damaging torrent of scares — said lack of information at the village level and poor enforcement of laws were big challenges.

And just because a recent crackdown had achieved positive results, nobody should rest on their laurels, the feisty Wu added in a speech published on Friday in government mouthpiece newspaper, the People’s Daily.

“Looking back at the last two months of work, it can be said that progress has not been insignificant, results have been obvious — and this has not come easily,” she said. “But there are still many weak links and our task is increasingly hard.”

Many pigs were still being slaughtered in unhygienic, underground abattoirs as farmers could not afford to take their animals anywhere else, and in any case many farmers have no idea about food safety laws.

“Everywhere must engage in propaganda, just like that promoting patriotism, public health and family planning, pushing safety knowledge on farm product quality and safety on a grand scale,” Wu said.

“Agricultural departments must arrange special budgets, as during the SARS outbreak, to print propaganda posters and illustrated booklets, putting them into the hands of every farmer, and sending them to every rural school,” she added.

Wu, nicknamed China’s “Iron Lady” for her no-nonsense….

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