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Candidates pressured to change debate

October 10, 2008

By Andy Barr

After a thoroughly panned presidential debate, a wide-ranging coalition is calling on Barack Obama and John McCain to change the rules for the last presidential debate to guarantee that voters get the answers they deserve.

The group, which includes the likes of MoveOn, The Next Right, The Huffington Post and Wikipedia, sent a letter to the presidential candidates Friday pressuring them to change what they called a “lacking” debate deserving of ridicule from the likes of Saturday Night Live.

Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) ...

At a minimum, the group demands that moderator Bob Schieffer be allowed to ask follow up questions to the candidates, who many believe have been allowed to skate through debates without providing answers to fundamental and important questions.

While the last debate did include questions from the Internet, the group is demanding that the question process be more transparent and accountable. The letter asks that questions be submitted and voted on online, and that the moderator be allowed “broad discretion” to follow up on the candidates’ answers.
The final debate is Wednesday October 15. 

The full text of the letter is below:

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