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North Korea ‘Lets Monitors into Yongbyon’; Nuclear Facility to be Destroyed

October 13, 2008


North Korea has restored United Nations monitors’ access to the Yongbyon nuclear site, including the plutonium reprocessing plant, diplomats say.

The decision comes a day after Pyongyang pledged to resume work to disable the plant.

On Saturday the country was taken off the United States’ list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

There was no immediate comment from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the monitors’ status.

Pyongyang began disabling its Yongbyon nuclear reactor in August as part of an international deal on its programme, but recently it made moves to reassemble the plant after Washington refused to remove North Korea from the terror blacklist.

On Saturday the US state department said North Korea had agreed to allow nuclear experts to take samples and conduct forensic tests at all its declared nuclear facilities and undeclared sites.

The North would also allow inspectors to verify its denials about transfers of nuclear technology and an alleged uranium programme, it said.

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North Korea bans UN staff from nuke complex

October 9, 2008

By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press Writer

VIENNA, Austria – Diplomats say that North Korea has made all of its Yongbyon nuclear facilities off limits to international inspectors.

The diplomats say the North’s decision was made recently but declined to offer details. The diplomats demanded anonymity Thursday because their information was confidential.

The reported move expands the area that the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors are no longer allowed to monitor.

Pyongyang already barred agency personnel from its plutonium reprocessing facility at Yongbyon last month, when it made good on threats to restart its weapons-producing atomic program.