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Kyrgyzstan says alliance not aimed at U.S.

August 18, 2007

By David R. Sands
The Washington Times
August 18, 2007

An expanding alliance of Russia, China and four Central Asian states should not be seen as an anti-American plot designed to slash Washington’s influence in the region, Kyrgyzstan’s ambassador to Washington said in an interview yesterday.

Zamira Sydykova, whose country hosted Thursday’s summit of leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the capital, Bishkek, said Kyrgyzstan is seeking economic and joint security benefits from the SCO, not ways to contain U.S. influence.

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China seemingly lauds minority rights

August 8, 2007

By Ben Blanchard 44 minutes ago

BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Wednesday lauded the 60th anniversary of the founding of Inner Mongolia, its first self-proclaimed region run by ethnic minorities, saying the fate of minorities and the Han Chinese was inextricably linked.

China’s Communists set up Inner Mongolia in 1947, two years before seizing power at the end of the Chinese civil war. It has served as a model for other “autonomous regions” with large minority populations, like Tibet and Xinjiang.

They are meant to have a high degree of self-government, but dissidents and rights groups say in practice the majority Han Chinese run the show with a tight rein, fearful of unrest in the strategic border areas these regions mainly occupy.

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