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Sex tops drugs in China’s HIV cases: report

August 20, 2007

BEIJING (AFP) – Unsafe sex has for the first time overtaken drug abuse as the leading cause of HIV cases in China, a trend that could make it tougher to control the spread of the virus, state media reported Monday.

Of the 70,000 new infections reported in 2005, 49.8 percent were contracted through sexual contact, the Ministry of Health and China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said in a joint report, according to the China Daily.

Th spread of the virus among drugs abusers through injections stood at 48.6 percent of the total, it said.

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China may need a fresh approach to regulating its often unruly economy

July 8, 2007

By Joseph Kahn
International Herald Tribune
July 8, 2007

BEIJING: Phony fertilizer destroys crops. Store shelves are filled with deodorized rotten eggs, and chemical glucose is passed off as honey. Exports slump when European regulators find dangerous bacteria in packaged meat.

More product safety scandals in China? Not this time. These quality problems prompted a sluggish U.S. government to tighten food and drug regulation 101 years ago, when President Theodore Roosevelt signed the act that created the Food and Drug Administration.

Like America’s industrializing economy of a century ago, China’s is powered by zealous entrepreneurs who sometimes act like pirates. In both cases there were epidemics of fatal fakes, and regulators too inept, corrupt or hamstrung to do much about it.

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