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US-China ties key for Pacific region success: Australian PM

April 1, 2008
By P. Parameswaran 

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called Monday for careful management of US-China relations, saying it was critical for the success of the “Pacific Century”.
Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia speaks to reporters ... 
Australia’s Prime Minister Rudd
“For Australia, the single core question of whether ours will be a Pacific century rests on the long-term management of this most critical relationship,” he told a forum of the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

The term Pacific Century had been used previously to describe the 21st century that some believed will be dominated, especially economically, by the Pacific Rim states, particularly China, Japan and the United States.

More recently, the term Asia Century was coined to place greater emphasis on Asian nations, including India.

Rudd, who arrived last Thursday in Washington on his first major overseas trip since becoming prime minister, said there should be “continued good management” of relations between Washington and Beijing.

He noted China‘s rapidly increasing military spending, saying questions of “transparency” and “uncertainties concerning long-term strategic purpose” were critical.

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Beijing tries to allay U.S. military fears

March 5, 2008

By Ed Lanfranco
The Washington Times
March 5, 2008
BEIJING — China dismissed U.S. fears of its massive military buildup yesterday, saying its 17.6 percent defense spending was needed to raise soldiers’ pay, cover rising fuel costs, improve training and a “modest increase in armaments.”
Two security guards chat in front of a Chinese made missile ... 
Two security guards chat in front of a Chinese made missile displayed at the Military Museum in Beijing. China said Tuesday its defence spending would jump 17.6 percent this year but insisted the rise was moderate, amid a flare-up in tensions with the United States over Beijing’s growing military muscle.
(AFP/Teh Eng Koon)

A spokesman from the National People’s Congress, Jiang Enzhu, told reporters that according to the budget that will be presented by the State Council to the congress, the 2008 defense budget will be 417.77 billion yuan.
He said military spending always has been set “at a level to ensure balanced development of national defense and social economic progress.”

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SKorean president warns Japan, China

November 4, 2007

TOKYO (AFP) – South Korea‘s president voiced concern over Japan and China’s military capabilities, warning the pair tense relations between them is a “burden” for his country, a newspaper said Saturday.

“The hostile relationship between Japan and China is a burden for South Korea,” President Roh Moo-Hyun said in an interview with the Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun on Friday in Seoul.

“Both must make efforts to change their relationship of being vigilant towards each other and of expanding their military arsenal. It’s inevitable that they would react sensitively (to one another),” he added.

Beijing is stepping up military spending to acquire new warships, aircraft and missiles capable of reaching beyond its shores. It made an anti-satellite test in January, spooking its neighbours and the US.

Western countries and Japan have urged China to be more transparent ….

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China to report military spending to UN

September 2, 2007

By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press

BEIJING – China will take steps to increase the transparency of its military operations, reporting expenditures to the United Nations and resuming updates about its arms sales, an official said Sunday.

Countries such as the U.S. and Japan have questioned the pace and amount of China’s defense spending.

Beijing will give the U.N. secretary-general “basic data of its military expenditures for the latest fiscal year,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in a statement posted Sunday on the ministry’s Web site.

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