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Vietnam: Anti-China Rallies Worry Beijing

December 18, 2007

By Tham Choy Lin

BEIJING, Dec 18 (Bernama) — China on Tuesday renewed its call to Vietnam to stop anti-China demonstrations after protests took place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city for a second straight weekend.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said the protests were not conducive and had damaged ties between the two countries.

“China follows that closely and we hope the Vietnamese government can take effective measures to prevent a recurrence of such incidents so as to maintain overall China-Vietnam relations,” he told a regular news conference.

He said China and Vietnam had disputes in the South China Sea but it should be properly resolved through friendly consultations.

The two sides should have the obligation and responsibility to safeguard the stability of the region and general picture of bilateral ties, he said.

The protests started following China’s plans to set up a county-level administration to manage the affairs of three chains of islands in the South China Sea including Paracel and Spratly islands.

China, Vietnam and Taiwan have claims to the Paracels while the Spratlys are wholly or partly claimed by three more countries, Malaysian, Brunei and the Philippines.

Referring to the Paracels and Spratlys as Xisha and Nansha, Qin Gang said China had indisputable sovereignty and activities conducted by China on the islands were consistent within its territory.