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Tougher U.S. Stance on Pakistan Took Months

August 5, 2007

By Karen DeYoung and Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, August 5, 2007

Last September, when Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf visited the White House to tout a controversial plan for driving al-Qaeda from his country, President Bush responded at a joint news conference with a trademark profession of faith. When Musharraf “looks me in the eye” and says there “won’t be a Taliban and there won’t be an al-Qaeda, I believe him,” Bush said.

Ten months later, the administration’s top terrorism official gave reporters a starkly different view of that plan, declaring that al-Qaeda had established a safe haven inside the very country that Bush had hailed as a “strong partner” in the war on terrorism. Musharraf’s anti-terrorism plan “hasn’t worked for Pakistan. It hasn’t worked for the United States,” Frances Fragos Townsend, White House homeland security adviser, said in late July.

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