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Boeing, USAF Tankers and Due Diligence

March 13, 2008

By James Lyons
The Washington Times
March 13, 2008

The announcement that the U.S. Air Force chose the Northrop-Grumman-EADS team to build 179 tanker aircraft at initial procurement costs of $40 billion should have come as no surprise to anyone following the competition.

KC-135R refuels an F-22A Raptor

Studies last year showed the Northrop-EADS KC-30 tanker had distinct operational advantages. Loren B. Thompson, a defense consultant at the Lexington Institute, said Northrop-EADS KC-30 bested Boeing’s 767 tanker version in four of five categories, adding that Northrop’s winning bid was not a close call.
Heads should roll at Boeing….
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