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China admits effect of pressure over Darfur

March 7, 2008

BEIJING (AFP) – Global pressure on China over its ties to Sudan has spurred the Chinese government to take a more proactive stance on ending violence in Darfur, the nation’s special envoy on the issue said Friday.
Steven Spielberg 
Hollywood director Steven Spielberg decided to quit the Beijing Olympics over the Darfur issue.
AP / Color China Photo
“Darfur is the focus of international attention and many Western nations want China to play a bigger role,” Chinese diplomat Liu Guijin told journalists.

“This is why I have been appointed as the special envoy of the Chinese government on the Darfur issue.”

Liu, fresh from a visit to the troubled region, was appointed China’s envoy on Darfur in May last year, when an international campaign to pressure Beijing on Sudan ahead of the Beijing Olympics began to take on steam.

Although China has long opposed linking the Olympics to Darfur….Read the rest: