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Saluting and Honoring Colleagues

July 25, 2007

By John E. Carey

Every now and again it is proper and appropriate and just gosh honest enjoyable to, out of the blue and without warning, offer thanks, congratulations and admiration to the members of the family or extended family.

Today I thought it a good idea to salute some of those special members of the extended family that have made life worth living, enjoyable and educational.

My interest and involvement in Pakistan would be unfulfilled were it not for Muhammad Khurshid who operates in our behalf in a most rugged and dangerous part of the world: Khar, Bajaur Agency, Tribal Areas, Pakistan. In our workshops and offices his name is always uttered with dignity and utmost respect. He provides timely, insightful information from a place of vital interest to nations and terror groups alike. When Muhammad and I lose contact, even for a few days on either end; there is extreme anxiety and sleeplessness. I am proud to call Muhammad my brother and thank him for his dedication and service.

Mike Benge and I have had an email and internet contact for about four years. I first “met” Mike because of his insightful work writing for the Washington Times on Vietnam. We share a passion for freedom and human rights, a love of the peoples of Vietnam and a desire to contribute in the world community. Mike would be my half brother as I can never fully honor or equal his time held captive himself by communists or his stellar contributions to the History Channel. We cannot regain the past; so we both now man the gates of justice and reality and attempt to keep honest and aware those that might overlook different problems in far away lands.

Debbie Hamilton runs a web site called “Right Truth” and we invite all readers to pay a call upon her there. Her daily contributions are, as she has named her site, “Right” on the button. Debbie is also an accomplished author and everything she writes is “must read.”

Miguel Sanchez keeps his eyes and ears open for us in Mexico and Central America. He says he has a plan to stray as far as Honduras to meet Cha Chuc, who walks the dusty paths and hills there. Hearing that we were interested in all things Harry Potter, last week Miguel mounted his motorcycle and, braving death in Mexico City traffic, headed to the Diocese of Mexico City to interview clergy there. He returned home with a wonderful scoop and our continued respect and admiration for his grit, determination and acumen under difficult circumstances.

I have known and admired Benjamin Allen for something like five years now and we each admit that we wish had been allowed to share the same office spaces longer.  Ben and I recently teamed to write about medical issues of importance that sometimes get overlooked for the Washington Times.  I prize Ben’s frequent guidance and comments by email and look forward to our next opportunity to make a contribution together.

Others in China and Southwest Asia have our daily eye until their projects are complete or they reach safer ground. We salute each and every one of you dedicated soldiers and journalists.

Finally, we are newly acquainted (a few month of just touching base) with Les Lothringer in ShangHai, China. Les is a veteran business consultant with over 30 years of commercial experience including Business Renovation, Management Consulting, Interim Management and Workshop based Training in diverse industries throughout the Asia Pacific Region.  Les brings together the best ideas and interests of Asia and the West (as we say here at Peace and Freedom, “Asia and the rest”). Today Les honored us with a learned essay that has enhanced the understanding of many readers. Please visit Les at his site and remember his team when those perplexing issues within his areas of expertise arise.

This marks the end of today’s honors ceremony but it is with extreme pride that we call all in our family and extended family friends, professionals and allies.