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McCain, Obama Entertain; Only One is Good At Laughing at Himself…..

October 17, 2008

A woman who attended the dinner told us “Barack is just not good at laughing at himself….if he can laugh at all….” But McCain and Obama both laughed….see the video….

The Earth Times

Washington – The US presidential candidates put aside the serious business of courting voters Thursday night to match wits before a well-heeled crowd that expected to be entertained, not wooed. Dressed in a white tie and black dinner jacket, Republican John McCain, 72, insisted he had dismissed his entire team of senior advisors and replaced them with “a man named Joe the Plumber” – a reference to an Ohio man who has become Everyman in the bitter race for the White House.


Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain speaks at ...
Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has some fun at the 63rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner in New York, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008 in New York.( AP Photo/Andrew Theodorakis)

Democrat Barack Obama, 47, also in white tie, joked about his partial Kenyan ancestry and his middle name Hussein that has provoked centre-right Republican suspicions that he could be foreign or even Muslim.

“Many know I got my name from my father, Barack, which is actually Swahili for ‘that one,'” Barack said, jabbing at McCain’s dismissive reference to him during one debate. “I got my middle name from somebody who obviously didn’t think I’d ever run for president.”

The audience roared with delight at the unaccustomed light- heartedness and charm of the two senators, after many had just the night before watched them parry sharp verbal swords during the final debate before the November 4 elections.

The occasion was the annual fund-raising dinner to commemorate Alfred E Smith, the 1928 Democratic nominee who was the first Catholic to run for US president from a major political party.

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