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Gates, Rice Russia Bound for Treaty Discussions

October 10, 2007

Defense And Security Digest (Russia)
October  10,  2007

Presidents Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush chose the 2+2  format  for  the  talks  on  strategic  issues  at  their  meeting  in Kennebunkport  (Maine)  this  summer.  Foreign  Minister  Sergei Lavrov and Defense  Minister  Anatoly  Serdyukov  will  represent Russia; Secretary of State  Condoleezza  Rice  and Defense Secretary Robert Gates will represent the  United States.

According to Daniel Fried, Assistant Secretary of State for  European  and  Eurasian Affairs, this will be a preliminary meeting.

Choosing   his   words   with  care,  Fried  is  apparently  trying  reduce expectations  (the  same  tactic was used before the Putin-Bush summit). On the  other  hand, the statement clearly shows that Washington is interested in  continuing  dialogue  with  Moscow on missile defense, the Conventional Forces  in  Europe  (CFE)  Treaty,  Kosovo’s  status,  the  Iranian nuclear problem,  and  arms control prospects after START I expires.

Rice and Gates are  expected in Moscow on Friday morning. Agenda of the visit is not known yet.