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John Kerry Left Out Of Obama Cabinet, Government

December 2, 2008

The Massachusetts senator and dedicated Obama supporter was left out of the mix Monday when the President-elect announced members of his national security team, giving shape to two-thirds of his cabinet.

If John Kerry was hoping to be part of President-elect Barack Obama’s Cabinet, he’ll almost certainly have to settle for the consolation prize: a powerful chairmanship in the U.S. Senate.

The Massachusetts senator, who endorsed Obama early in the presidential campaign, was left out of the mix Monday when the president-elect announced his national security team, giving shape to two-thirds of his cabinet.

John Kerry

Kerry — who ran for president in 2004 and lost by 34 electoral votes — made Obama the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention that year, helping make Obama, who was running for Senate in Illinois, a rising star within his party. Four years later, Kerry became a staunch supporter of Obama and became one of his top surrogates.

In the days following the Nov. 4 election, Kerry was rumored to be on Obama’s short list for a post within the new administration — including the highly coveted position of secretary of state, which Obama gave to Hillary Clinton.

Soon after the official announcements were made on Monday, Kerry issued a statement praising the picks — appointments that he will preside over in confirmation hearings when he replaces Vice President-elect Joe Biden as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“President-Elect Obama has chosen a terrific national security team to protect our security and help restore America’s rightful place in the world,” Kerry said in a press release.

“As the incoming Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I look forward to working with my distinguished colleague Sen. Richard Lugar to ensure a swift and fair confirmation process and working closely with the new Administration,” he added.

Kerry said Clinton will “bring her years of experience and her remarkable intellect to the effort to restore our alliances and advance the President’s agenda in the world.”

But there is reason to suspect that Kerry might have preferred a high-profile position within the Obama administration.

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Hillary Clinton For Secretary of State?

November 14, 2008

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is among the candidates that President-elect Barack Obama is considering for secretary of state, according to two Democratic officials in close contact with the Obama transition team.

By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer

Clinton, the former first lady who pushed Obama hard for the Democratic presidential nomination, was rumored to be a contender for the job last week, but the talk died down as party activists questioned whether she was best-suited to be the nation’s top diplomat in an Obama administration.

In this Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 file photo, Sen. Hillary Rodham ...
In this Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 file photo, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton D-NY addresses the press after she voted in Chappaqua, NY. Clinton is among the candidates that President-elect Barack Obama is considering for secretary of state, according to two Democratic officials in close contact with the Obama transition team.(AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

The talk resumed in Washington and elsewhere Thursday, a day after Obama named several former aides to President Bill Clinton to help run his transition effort.

The two Democratic officials who spoke Thursday did so on the condition of anonymity to avoid angering Obama and his staff. Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines referred questions to the Obama transition team, which said it had no comment.

Other people frequently mentioned for the State Department job are Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and New Mexico‘s Democratic governor, Bill Richardson.

John Kerry Makes Wise Crack About McCain Wearing Diapers

October 21, 2008

CAMBRIDGE – U.S. Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, had some choice words for the political press corps and, in particular, cable news Monday.

Incumbent Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., addresses the media after ... 

Kerry, addressing a business summit on energy issues, kicked off his remarks with some light-hearted banter.

“These are the exciting last two week moments of the presidential campaign,” the Boston Democrat said. “So it’s a very special time. I can’t wait for it to be over. I am so tired of the press’ silly questions that they ask along the way. And cable television which reduces everything to stupidity – the lowest common denominator of conflict.”

Kerry tried to relay to the audience what it is like to face the press corps’ inquiries.

“I don’t know if any of you know what it’s like. I do, obviously,” he said. “I’ve been asked all of those brilliant questions that were repeated this year.”

“Barack got asked the famous boxers or briefs question,” Kerry went on. “I was tempted to say commando.”

The senator said Obama successfully parried that question but that John McCain, the GOP nominee, had some problems.

“Then they asked McCain and McCain said, ‘Depends,'” Kerry said to lots of laughter from the crowd.

The Eugenics Temptation

October 24, 2007

By Michael Gerson
The Washington Post
24 October 2007

….No one should underestimate the wrenching challenge of having a disabled child. But we also should not ignore the social consequences of widespread screening of children for “desirable” traits. This kind of “choice” is actually a form of absolute power of one generation over the next — the power to forever define what is “normal,” “straight” and “beautiful.” And it leads inevitably to discrimination. British scientist Robert Edwards has argued, “Soon it will be a sin of parents to have a child that carries the heavy burden of genetic disease.” A sin. Which leaves disabled children who escape the net of screening — the result of parental sin — to be born into a new form of bastardy and prejudice.

This creates an inevitable tension within liberalism. The left in America positions itself as both the defender of egalitarianism and of unrestricted science. In the last presidential election, Sen. John Kerry pledged to “tear down every wall” that inhibited medical research. But what happens when certain scientific views lead to an erosion of the ideal of equality? Yuval Levin of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a rising academic analyst of these trends, argues: “Watson is anti-egalitarian in the extreme. Science looks at human beings in their animal aspects. As animals, we are not always equal. It is precisely in the ways we are not simply animals that we are equal. So science, left to itself, poses a serious challenge to egalitarianism.”

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Hillary, Kerry join against Pentagon

July 21, 2007

By Stephen Dinan and Sara A. Carter
The Washington Times
July 21, 2007

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Kerry yesterday announced a bill to force the Pentagon to begin planning how to withdraw from Iraq, fighting back after a top Defense Department official said that publicly talking about pulling out “reinforces enemy propaganda.”

After calling earlier this year for a briefing on how the Pentagon would withdraw its troops, Mrs. Clinton received a reply by letter this week that she said amounts to “impugning the patriotism of any of us who raise serious questions.” She said she will ask the defense secretary to intervene and repudiate the letter, written by Undersecretary Eric S. Edelman.

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