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Pakistan: Troubled Yet Still Home

January 6, 2008

 By Hohsin Hamid
The Washington post
January 6, 2008; Page B01

LAHORE, Pakistan

During the winter holidays, much of the Pakistani diaspora makes its way back to the homeland. It is wedding season and — for those with the means and of a secular persuasion — party season as well. Flights are fully booked, airfares are astronomically high, and even circuitous itineraries via places such as Istanbul and Muscat are in great demand.

Middle-class families in Pakistan often tell a similar tale of numbers. Of my parents and their siblings, 13 people in total, 11 live in Pakistan. But of their 26 children — my generation — 15 of us reside abroad. Pakistan has become an increasingly unsettled place, and many of my peers have voted with their feet.

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Turkish Parliament Approves Iraq Mission; Wider War?

October 17, 2007

By SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press

ANKARA, Turkey – Parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a possible cross-border offensive against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, although the government appears willing to give diplomatic pressure on the U.S.-backed Iraqi administration more time to work.

Lawmakers voted 507-19 in favor of empowering the government to order the military to cross into Iraq during a one-year period, Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan said. They then burst into applause.

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