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The Future War on Terror

November 4, 2007

By Oliver North
The Washington Times
November 4, 2007

Last week the Pentagon released official figures on how dramatically the security situation has improved in Iraq. Terrorist attacks, secular violence, road-side bombings, Iraqi civilian deaths and U.S. casualties are all down. The announcement received scant notice from the so-called mainstream media. About the only news from the global war on radical Islamic terror to receive less attention this week was the erroneously headlined story on the Associated Press wire: “Army Captain from Fort Lewis, Wash., Drowns in the Philippines.”

The item immediately captured my attention for two reasons. First, the struggle against Islamic terror in the Philippines is the topic of this week’s episode of “War Stories” on Fox News Channel. Second, but of greater import, while shooting this documentary, we lived in the field with U.S. and Filipino Special Operations troops working to eliminate the Abu Sayyaf and Jemiah Islamiyah — terror groups closely affiliated with al Qaeda. As I read the article, I selfishly hoped the soldier who perished so far from home was not one of those we had come to know so well.


Unfortunately, given the unwillingness of the mainstream media to print or broadcast anything positive about the men and women in our Armed Forces, most of us never hear or read about bright, brave young Americans like Sgt. Curreri.

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