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Russia presents details of alternative missile defense proposals to NATO

July 27, 2007

BRUSSELS.  July  26  (Interfax)  – A Russian delegation at a NATO-Russia Council  meeting  on  Wednesday presented details of the missile defense proposals  made  by  Russian  President Vladimir Putin to U.S. President George W.  Bush  at a recent G8 summit and at a bilateral meeting in the U.S. in early July.

Russian  Foreign  Ministry  security department Director Anatoly Antonov and Defense  Ministry  international agreement department chief Lt. Gen. Yevgeny  Buzhinsky  told  Russian  journalists in Brussels that they had explained  to  their  NATO  partners  the  ideas of the joint use of the Gabala radar  station  in  Azerbaijan and the new Armavir radar base, as well as   the  establishment  of  centers  for  sharing  missile  threat
assessment centers.

“This was another and, I believe, successful attempt to present our case to NATO,  and  it  is  important  that  our arguments were heard today,” Antonov  said.  “I do not think ….”

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