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Pakistan: Fighting Taliban In Tribal Areas Intensifies

July 23, 2007

Dear John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Dear Sir,

First, I want to congratulate you. Your Peace and Freedom is far ahead from others in war on terrorism.

Now the US administration has recognised that some dreaded terrorists have been hiding in tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. Peace and Freedom was the was first in breaking this news. Please accept congratulation from the people of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas.

Situation in our areas is still critical as some invisible has been trying to create terror and fear among the people. I want to inform you that the people of tribal areas this time will cooperate with the United States if action is taken against terrorists. Now they have accepted that terrorists are the enemies of whole world.

According to report, security forces killed 20 militants in clashes in North Waziristan, while 10 security personnel were wounded. Army troops killed 13 militants in Ghulam Khan, 15 kilometres north of Miranshah in North Waziristan. The incident occurred about 11pm when unidentified militants attacked a Frontier Corps check-post. The army returned fire, killing 13 militants and destroying two vehicles. The army also arrested seven militants and seized a vehicle. The militants took the bodies of their colleagues with them.

Gunship helicopters killed seven militants who were shooting at an army convoy from hilltops in Qutab Khel, five kilometres east of Miranshah. Six security personnel were seriously injured in the clash. The convoy was going to Bannu from Miranshah. Unidentified militants attacked another army convoy at Khar Qamar, 20 kilometres west of Miranshah, with a remote-controlled bomb at , seriously injuring four security personnel. The convoy was heading for Datta Khel.

Inter Services Public Relations Director General (DG) Major General Waheed Arshid confirmed that 13 militants had been killed and seven arrested in the Ghulam Khan incident. However, he said only six militants were killed at the Chashmai Bridge and five security personnel were wounded in Sunday’s incident. Militants in small groups attempted to attack several army posts in the area but security forces foiled their bid, Gen Arshad said. Violence has intensified in North Waziristan after local Taliban militants pulled out of a peace agreement with the government last week.

We keep in touch our normal methods and times seem OK.

Again thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency,Tribal Areas Pakistan

Fighting Intensifies In Pakistani Tribal Areas