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Japan’s economic boom preys on young working poor

February 7, 2008
By Harumi Ozawa

TOKYO (AFP) – When Shuichiro Sekine tried out one of the new jobs being created in Japan, the world’s second richest country, he found himself at a warehouse sifting through industrial debris by hand.
“I was told to get on a mountain of industrial waste, full of a foul odour and dust, and separate it piece by piece by hand,” said union activist Sekine, recalling his undercover investigation.

“I was sent to a workplace like that as a total layman, without any instructions or safety measures,” he said. “Then I was told it was my own responsibility to protect myself.”

For an eight-hour day of tough, dangerous work in suburban Tokyo, Sekine earned 6,900 yen (60.50 dollars), just more than the minimum wage, after the company that dispatched him deducted a 500-yen commission.

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