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Americans Swallowing Communist Precept: Ideology Over Competence

August 10, 2007

We have made a life-long study of the communist system and the communist world.  Perhaps the number one precept of that system is ideology (and loyalty to the party) is much preferred to ability and competance.

Why then, during the so called “debates” are we seeing such communist higging conduct by candidates of both parties trying to show who is the more “pure”?

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By Cal Thomas

While Sen. Sam Brownback and Gov. Mitt Romney sparred over who was pro-life first (the Republican version of the Democrats’ battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over who was first to oppose the war), I suspect most people are more interested in which 0candidate is best equipped to run the government.

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“We are in trouble, and somebody had better start talking about it in a blunt way.”

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