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McCain’s November Surprise: Best ‘SNL’ Ever (With Video)

November 2, 2008

Ya gotta love John Mccain.  Former Prisoner of War, Navy fighter pilot, “Maverick” of the Senate, and a really humorous guy….

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

epublican John McCain poked fun at his presidential campaign‘s financial shortcomings and his reputation as a political maverick in an appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The presidential hopeful made a cameo appearance at the beginning of the show, with Tina Fey reprising her memorable impersonation of McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

McCain, who is trailing Democrat Barack Obama in most battleground state polls, also appeared during the show’s “Weekend Update” newscast to announce he would pursue a new campaign strategy in the closing days of the campaign.

“I thought I might try a strategy called the reverse maverick. That’s where I’d do whatever anybody tells me,” McCain said.

And if that didn’t work, “I’d go to the double maverick. I’d just go totally berserk and freak everybody out,” the Arizona senator quipped.

Earlier in the show, McCain and Fey, portraying Palin, said they couldn’t afford a half-hour campaign commercial on network television like Democrat Barack Obama aired earlier this week. They said they’d sell campaign products on the QVC shopping channel instead.

Among other things, McCain advertised a set of knives to cut through pork in Washington. His wife, Cindy McCain, briefly appeared to advertise “McCain Fine-Gold” jewelry, a play on the campaign finance law McCain authored with Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold.

Fey, as Palin, advertised a set of “Joe” dolls commemorating Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack and her Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

The pretend Palin also pulled out T-shirts saying “Palin 2012” and said she wouldn’t be returning to Alaska after the election.

“I’m either running in four years or I’m going to be a white Oprah,” she said.

Link to the story and watch the video:

Most Memorable SNL Appearance Ever?

From Robert Kubey
The Huffington Post

Sen. John McCain made one of most memorable political appearances in SNL history last night. In his opening sketch, and in the “Weekend Update” segment, in the lingo of the comedy world, he “killed.”

He humanized himself and demonstrated that he and his campaign could have a terrific sense of humor when the chip were down. He appeared incredibly relaxed, wonderfully self-effacing and winning.

Take nothing away from this guy, he did it all tonight and did it well.

He did his campaign some good tonight, after Gov. Palin’s appearance two weeks ago that I panned at the time. I thought that one was ill-advised but McCain’s came off well.

Sen. Obama, I think, made the right decision in not going on the program as had been rumored.

He is the frontrunner, after all, and needs to make no mistakes in the final days.

Meanwhile, about 40 minutes before SNL aired not long ago in the New York tri-state area and in the San Francisco Bay Area, a powerful attack ad on Obama ran inside a repeat airing of the previous week’s SNL episode hosted by “MadMen” star, John Hamm.

The ad resurrected Rev. Jeremiah Wright with incendiary speech excerpts, a photo of Wright and Obama standing very close to each other, and a woman’s narration culminating in words saying that Barack Obama was “Too Radical and Too Risky” for America.

It was a strong ad, one that I had predicted to my media and elections classes would air somewhat earlier in the campaign but also when Obama had less opportunity to respond.

Obama is probably most wise to avoid responding unless that line of attack, and other attacks, get worse in these last two days. He doesn’t want to draw new attention to the threat that Wright first posed back so many months ago.

Sen. Obama, in my opinion, has been a little cocky in some appearances earlier this week, mocking how John McCain would attack him, and that is just unwise when his main goal right now should be to attract more of the undecideds and mobilize his own get-out-the-vote effort, which he is doing superbly well.

But undecideds are undecided for a reason in every election. They don’t really have a dog in the fight and thus see any signs of conceit or cockiness in either candiate as unattractive. They are still taking the measure of both men. I always say that people unconsciously vote for the candidate they most want to watch on television the next four years and tonight, John McCain looked like he could be a lot of fun.

Fun is now what the country needs now, of course, and perhaps I’m wrong and McCain hurt himself tonight. He may well have.

The next 48 hours will be intense and critical, and so much has been looking so good for Sen. Obama that my political instincts tell me to watch out. When things look too good to believe in politics, they often are just that–too good to be believed. They might be true, but I wouldn’t bet the family farm quite yet.

We could have recounts in our future and nightmarish legal challenges.

Of course, if Obama wins with 40 or more electoral votes than are needed, and seems to be pulling away at the end, continuing to ride his tsunami of momentum, then recounts and legal challenges are just in our worst imaginings.


Hillary and Mitt: Sliding Down the Polls (and the pole)

January 6, 2008

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
January 6, 2008

Besides “knowledgeable,” “sharp on the issues, “innovative” and “cool in a crisis,” what other qualities do Americans seek in a candidate?

Try “charming,” “self deprecating,” “humorous,” “joy-filled,” and “one of their own.”

Note to Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney: pack your stuff: you are going home this week.

The people of France (and French speaking Canada) call the quality Americans seek in a candidate “je ne sais qua” or “le pheromone.”

The people of Thailand call this certain something “kanalya.” Kanalya means “cool,” “subdued,” “calm,” “understated,” and certainly not feisty. It means charming and diplomatic and “knowing.”

We’ve watched all the debates leading up to the impending New Hampshire primary Tuesday. We’ve also watched the candidates in all their many TV appearances (OK: we’re political junkies here at Peace and Freedom).

Hillary had been doing pretty well in a contrived-looking but effective self-deprecating and humor-filled tour. But then she got “off message.”

In the last few days, Hillary showed her real self.  Mean. Strident. More than self-assured.  Self CERTAIN.

The talking heads, voters interviewed and respondents to polls panned her.

She also has been craving photo ops with has-beens Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright.

Madeleine Albright
Madeleine Albright

One of Hillary’s symbols of greatness, change, progress and the future, the former Secretary of State was born in 1937.

Hillary missed a memo or two (or three). She is running on her experience. Experience in what, exactly? First Lady-hood? She is running on an agenda of change. Yet she drags around the old man who might really be an albatross. Some young voters have to ask who that old grey haired Dude IS?

Hillary: Young voters don’t want nostalgia. They want hormones and action – not vitamin E and Viagra.

So, we think, though she’ll hang on like a cat with claws in a curtain, Hillary is dead meat this week.

Now for Mitt Romney. He missed a few memos too. Note to Mitt: lose that sweater. You look like a rich, frat boy preppie. Oh, you ARE a rich frat boy preppie! Many Americans can’t relate to you my friend. You seem to be trying to buy the election with your own money.

Mitt will help us with health care.  Sure.  He doesn’t even have health insurance.  He can pay cash.

And Mitt, aren’t you are a Mormon?  Isn’t that a cult that encourages men to have multiple wives?  Oh, just your GRANDPA? Sorry.  Good luck with the women’s vote my friend.

Prediction of the week: Mitt and Hillary start to fade toward oblivion this week. Both are near the bottom of a greasy pole. Or poll.

Thanks to the wisdom of those New Englanders up yonder. We think.