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Journey to America

August 22, 2007

By Kamala Sarup

America is a great country. This country has given million of people the right to live on its land. People from all over the world are coming to the U.S for hope, and this country has given them the opportunity to work hard and make their own destiny.

I have no words for just how impressed I am with America’s greatness. America has given me the chance to write many many articles and made me a very strong woman.

Now I believe, my work and writings and what I do for mankind is important.

Today I can proudly say that even in this crisis situation in the world, I promoted a positive image of the world. Born in a small village to a middle class family in Nepal, I went from village to village to get my schooling. I worked and studied very hard to make myself a success.

So, it is my duty to protect American values and freedom in writing those articles. This is the only way I can give something back to America, something that will be charged with respect and humanism.My Journey to AmericaThis is my feelings for American values. Everyday I feel like happy and going somewhere far away with my dreams and emotional memories.

I am gradually getting strong, yes, gradually at every passing moment. I am just grateful.

As long power spreads all over me, I try to createmy work on humanism with the particles along the people and I am ableto accomplish this.

The meaning of the word ‘humanism’ for some to speak, some to write. We do employ the word in one or the other sense. As far as preserving it is concerned, it is altogether different which when we select gratefully.

And now I feel that humanism will not escape far away inthe same way from where the definite going of life ends.

I see in America, everywhere there is freedom. There is no story of just living. Life should not be translated into emptiness.

I am afraid of selfish attitudes of people. I do not like deceitfulness, failure and tragedy. There too life was properly represented in that way as well. There too life has been hope, truth scattered like a poem. Not to be able to write anything about myself,and to get a look within incoherence has made me nowadays full ofhappy that the talk of my poetry is nothing but scratching my ownpleasure. In order to be able to write a living poem, I do require respect, a love which is endless like my incomplete poem and in the darkness, I will remain half conscious with my power of being able to write anything.

How am I to write a true poem of life with a fresh and smarting trouthsome of the positive thinking have inflicted into my heart? Thus, in my eyes too there are dreams.

I look at the sky and see it covered with thick clouds all over. Large and small birds are constantly flying a far distance away. Their journey is definite, I was sticking all the time into a direction journey. At that time I had thought what my friend had written, “A human being makes a selection which is easy, suitable, sweet and good.”

But I never fully satisfied when a selection is made and I get it. While in search of an opportunity to have an easy life.

Yes, it’s true our living was quite suitable, full of humanism and certainly easy. As an option our hands, mouth, brain or each part ofour body is active and it is the name of life. The meaning of living is to search for easiness but here let a respectful living, life also to a certain limit advance with the easy life.

While writing, the mind is tempted toward the cliffs, narrow valleys, waterfalls and to hear the laughter’s and lamentation there. I am busy in search of equalityeven when there is mostly inequality in us, where I could write thestory of another great story in the process of living and in the process of living and in the name of living I receive some joy.

My journey to America was wonderful because I have been extremely busy to find a respectful moment. I think it was a very important moment for me to be in the US. That is to say, not only for defining a dream,but also a dream that accepts the reality which provides someachievement. ‘Every human being lives depending on some dream’. This was what written in a letter to by my very close friend Shweta at one time. At this time, in fact, I had certainly got an opportunity tothink a little about my own power for humanism.

Now slowly my dream has transformed into want, satisfaction and peace making my life a
different journey.

Often I feel agitated with the answer less answer when I questions myself. At that time for my this kind of inner inquiry has become adaily job although I have some aspects of life of my own kindreflected always in the present now on in solitude.What a great journey to America, what a great! At this time I amwalking on the street. It’s the street near Virginia.

In past, for many days I was anxious to write about my journey toAmerica. But what I had expressed after writing this story and hadwanted to know reaction of the story. Really at this moment, my mindis filled with conscience.From the moment I knew America, she has been quite beautiful.

This much is true that I have begun to like her more and more.

Perhaps I know that I like her . It’s true that I have seen her walking together with me everyday.

I said to my brother in this morning, I want to give you somethingwhich I have never offered to anybody in my life up to this time.

“If you agree to accept the thing, please meet me tomorrow.”

He showed his willingness, “Yes, of course.”

After that, without adding a word he bade me goodbye and went school.

I have been standing with the crowd at the Virginia for some hours.

The crowd has been increasing at the place I am standing, althoughit’s not unusual for a crowd of people to grow in a city. People in multicolored dresses are walking aimlessly.

My brother had arrived quite close to me I turned toward him slowly and said, “Why I feel great about America?” Yes, America is in ourheart” he told me.

I agree with my brother that people accept American values to produce freedom in the world.

Nepali Journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor of media for, She is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development. Some of her publications are: Women’s Empowerment(Booklet). Prevention of trafficking in women through media,(Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in for Media Activism (Media research). Two Stories collections. Her interests include international conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication,philosophy,feminism,political, socio-economic and literature. Her current plans are to move on to humanitarian work in conflict areas in the near future. Shealso is experienced in organizational and community development.