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Vietnam veteran properly honored

October 20, 2007

By Noel Lyn Smith
Midland Daily News (Michigan)

SANFORD — The friends of Pfc. Joseph E. Robinson, the only Sanford resident killed in the Vietnam War, placed a new marker at his grave in the Jerome Township cemetery Friday.

It was to honor Robinson’s sacrifice and to present Robinson the ceremony that was missing from his 1968 funeral.
Robinson was 21 years old when he died March 21, 1968 from wounds he received when his base camp near Hue came under attack.

He was in Vietnam for four months and was assigned to Company B, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division.

The granite marker has Robinson’s name in black lettering, along with his date of death, the seals of the 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division, and two American flags. The words, “Some Gave All,” “K.I.A.” and “Vietnam” are also written in black.

Representatives from the Sanford American Legion Auxiliary, the Blue Star Mothers of America Chapter 48 of Sanford, the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club, the Forgotten Eagles of Michigan and Sanford American Legion Post 443 were in attendance.

Sanford residents Jim Leigeb and Elliott Levely managed the fund-raising effort, which started in May 2006, to purchase the marker.

“He was a brave young man who fought for his country as hard as he could,” Leigeb said.

“Unfortunately, it took his life. I know Joe is being honored today the way he should have been in 1968.”

Levely, also a Vietnam veteran, remembers Robinson as a tough kid who lived with his family on Smith Street in Sanford.

Robinson’s mother died when he was young and his father was an alcoholic.

“He was my brother,” Levely said. “We were raised together … he was part of my family and now he is a part of our heritage.”

Pictures of the ceremony and of the marker will be sent to Robinson’s family in Ohio and California, Leigeb said.

Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy to receive Medal of Honor from the President


Vietnam celebrates UN Security Council seat

October 17, 2007

by Frank Zeller

HANOI (AFP) – Vietnam on Wednesday celebrated a key step in its post-war global reintegration after the United Nations accepted it for the first time as a non-permanent Security Council member from next year.  Its new role will elevate Vietnam’s international prestige but also force its leaders — who have been keen on friendly ties with almost all countries — to make tough choices and take sides in world disputes, observers said.The world body on Tuesday chose Vietnam, along with four other newcomers, to sit on the 15-member council for two years from January 1, meaning Vietnam will assume the rotating presidency for a month some time next year.

Communist Vietnam joined the United Nations 30 years ago — two years after it emerged war-shattered but victorious from what is called here the American War — and Hanoi first applied for a council seat a decade ago.
Meanwhile, at home in Vietnam, people wade through a flooded street in central city of Hue, Vietnam on Tuesday Oct. 16, 2007. Floods triggered by heavy rains in central Vietnam killed three people, left two others missing and forced tens of thousands of people from their homes, disaster officials said Wednesday.

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