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Russia Anxious Over Taiwan UN Bid

February 6, 2008

MOSCOW. Feb 6 (Interfax) – Russia expressed anxiety on Wednesdayover a planned referendum in Taiwan on March 22, 2008, on a proposal forthe island to join the UN.

“There is anxious awareness in Russia of the increased activity of separatist forces in Taiwan in connection with preparations for a so-called referendum on the island joining the UN under the name ofTaiwan,” the Foreign Ministry said in a commentary posted on itswebsite.

“An information environment has been created for the purpose,considerable administrative and propaganda resources have been employed, and there has been increasingly intensive demagogic rhetoric andattempts to manipulate public opinion on the part of advocates ofindependence,” the ministry said.

“In effect, this smokescreen conceals a desire on the part of separatist forces to prepare ground for further movement towardindependence by obtaining the necessary legal basis. Particularly alarming is the fact that the results of such a referendum may be givenquite loose interpretations. At the same time, it is absolutely obviousthat there in principle does not exist an issue of Taiwan’s entry to theUN. Taiwan is an inseparable part of China, and the government of thePRC [People’s Republic of China] is the sole legitimate government representing all of China,” the ministry said.

“It is deplorable that it is not the interests of peace, sustained development and prosperity but dubious momentary motives and ‘benefits’that the island’s current administration gives top priority to,” itsaid.

“The Taiwan authorities’ hard line of holding a referendum mayseriously endanger stability in the Taiwan Strait. Russia as an Asia-Pacific state with long-term interests in the region, resolutely opposesthis scenario. An uncompromising and adamant position in this issue on the part of the international community would be able to sober up the hotheads on the island and cut short an extremely dangerous exacerbationof the situation in the region,” the ministry said.